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Why Small Businesses Need to Prioritize Cybersecurity

Michael Garcia, the founder of Unbound-IT, expresses concern about the inadequate attention given to cybersecurity measures for small businesses and the lack of discussions and actions in the context of small businesses.


I just feel like not enough is done for small businesses. Not enough conversations happen for small businesses.


So with respect to small businesses, how serious are they taking their cybersecurity? What are the reasons why they don't get involved with it.? They don't do the things they need to be doing? What's your take on why they're not taking it seriously?


I think it's the mindset. It's a lack of just knowing how serious cybersecurity is. I think a lot of businesses may feel that they are a small fish in a big pond, right? They feel that they're so small that who's gonna target them, right? Who's gonna go after them, right? They're not making that much money. They're not someone that you can extort hundreds of thousands of dollars for, but that's not the case at all. The majority of these Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies that are in the industry or that have a presence.




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