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What It Means to Be Punctual and Pay Attention to Detail in a Cleaning Profession

Wendi Griffin, the owner of Wendi's Cleaning Services, points out the qualities of her company's service that clients find of great interest and that make them stand out from other similar businesses.


We all have to communicate across the board.


What do your clients like about your service? What's the positive feedback you get?


Punctual, paying attention to details. I would say punctual. That's my main thing because it irks my nerve.


Somebody comes into your house and you want them to show up on a 'cause you're budgeting your own time in your house like you're gonna interrupt my flow of stuff. Right? So be on time and get done quickly and get it done.


Can you gimme a few examples of what paying attention to detail means to you versus everybody else that's already out there with the business?


I've actually come behind different cleaners and cleaned, and I just go tell my clients, "Ooh, I'm blunt". I'm "Ooh, you paid for that?" I'm like, "Oops, sorry. I said out loud". I tried to like "Oops, I'm sorry". She bought a house in Victorville and her realtor paid for a cleaning company or a cleaning lady to come in. I did the home walkthrough and she was really nice. She said, "I'm not happy with the service". I said, "Okay, show me, you know, what you're not happy with. Show me what they came in and did."

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