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The Role of Social Change in Shaping Business Strategies and Employee Retention

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Tiffany Edwards, also known as “Dr. Tiff", the President and Co-founder of Edwards Consulting Group, looks at how social change impacts a business, particularly in the area of human resources, and how it enhances workplace culture. 💡

Dr. Tiff:

We do also do headhunting. We find the right people for your organization. We help you make sure you have the right number of people and can keep those people by keeping them skill trained.


What else motivates 'em to stay retention-wise?

Dr. Tiff:

Honestly, everybody's not motivated by money. Obviously, we all like money, right? But a lot of people are motivated by they're having their basic needs met. And once you have those met, then you're more inclined to stay with an organization. 'Cause one of the big things that I harp on is communication. If you don't have good workforce communication, then what do you really have? Because that's the foundation of everything. So we are big on employee training development, and making sure that the people at the top actually know. If you tell the people at the bottom what's going on, then they'll probably wanna help you instead of thinking that you're lying to them.


And it sounds so common sense, but just the culture of the American corporate world, we know that there are some major disconnects in communication and you said leadership a couple of times.





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