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What is 'Fog of War' in Business?

Recently discussed on the podcast show "Let’s Talk Business" hosted by Marc Ebinger and co-hosted by Howie Nestel, the episode featured guests; Kyan Frith, a business breakthrough expert and the Owner of Kyan Frith Business Breakthrough, and Ian Bertini, an insurance and risk management expert and the Founder of BPI Insurance Agency. In this blog, you will learn about the holistic and impactful approaches to business dynamics, coaching, client relations, and insurance and risk management. Read on for some eye-opening insights that could change your perspective on business!

Networking, Decision-Making, and Continuous Growth

Business "Fog of War"

In entrepreneurship, there's often a challenge referred to as the "fog of war." This occurs when entrepreneurs are moving so quickly that they can't see things. They must choose the right people to be around during this hectic time, helping to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Who Should You Surround Yourself With?

Successful entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of networking and creating a diverse circle of connections. A helpful strategy is to surround oneself with a mix of individuals—about a third above, a third at, and a third below one's level. This mix aids in personal growth and learning. Howie Nestel suggests a unique approach to assessing whether individuals are givers or takers when investing time in connections, ensuring a mutually beneficial network.

Understanding Business Dynamics

Navigating the "fog of war" in business requires a keen understanding of decision-making and clarity. Entrepreneurs must constantly move, network, and make decisions while selecting the right circles for effective connections. This dynamic approach is crucial in the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship.

Reading People and Prioritizing Connections

A skillful entrepreneur not only builds connections but also evaluates their value. Assessing whether individuals are givers or takers provides insights into their role in your network. Challenges arise in categorizing individuals into networking circles, but effective strategies help foster growth and learning, creating a supportive environment.

Seeking Mentorship and Personal Growth

The business community often sees entrepreneurs seeking mentorship, highlighting the universal need for guidance and learning. Strategies for personal growth include selective networking and surrounding oneself with diverse and supportive circles. By learning from experienced mentors and peers, entrepreneurs can overcome challenges and achieve personal and professional growth.

Observational Learning

Observational learning involves categorizing people based on their influence: uplifting, neutral, or energy vampires. This practice allows entrepreneurs to surround themselves with positive influences, creating a supportive environment. Being aware of the energy others bring to the table is a valuable skill in building a network that fosters growth and success.

Kyan Frith on Coaching, and Measuring Business Success

Experience and Growth

Kyan Frith's perspective extends to the value of experience in navigating the complexities of business relationships. Drawing parallels between the early stages of a business and a child's development, he stresses the need for multiple business seasons to foster learning and growth. This includes recognizing the nuances of business maturity and assessing growth through various stages and experiences. Kyan underscores the irreplaceable value of experience in diverse fields, advocating for a visionary approach beyond the initial stages to perceive significant patterns and sustained growth.

Business Coaching Strategies

Kyan Frith leverages his accounting background to offer a unique business coaching approach. This involves strategically identifying and assisting in revenue generation. His coaching strategies extend to implementing prioritization and step-by-step implementation plans for sustainable growth. The versatility in Kyan's coaching role, whether as a coach or a player coach, is highlighted, showing a collaborative approach which focus is on the importance of forming a cohesive team for business growth beyond individual efforts.

Sales, Profit Margins, and Overall Business Success

Kyan Frith's expertise in business turnarounds is showcased as a valuable skill set for transformation. Howie also further explains the necessity for businesses to measure progress using tangible numbers. This insight stresses the pragmatic aspect of assessing success and the role of turnaround expertise in reshaping a business's trajectory. Kyan Frith addresses the intricate relationship between increased sales, profit margins, and overall business success.He suggests that for older business owners considering retirement, business success should revolve around numbers and financial stability.

Ian Bertini on His Client-Centric Approach & Negotiation Strategies in Insurance and Risk Management

Client-Centric Approach for Comprehensive Support

In insurance and risk management, Ian Bertini champions a client-centric approach that transcends the norms of typical insurance interactions. He emphasizes adopting the role of an advisor or consultant, going beyond the conventional responsibilities of an insurance agent or broker. Ian's commitment to clients is evident in his dedication beyond norms—highlighted by an incident where he promptly provided assistance, showcasing an unwavering commitment to extensive guidance, even during unconventional hours.

Importance of Insurance in Unforeseen Events

Ian Bertini explains the important role of insurance in providing protection during unforeseen events such as house purchases or accidents. Beyond individual coverage, Ian recognizes the broader impact of insurance within the real estate space, advocating for the essential education of realtors about the importance of insurance. Furthermore, he asserts that building lasting relationships with clients, rather than pursuing quick, transactional deals, is integral for sustainable business growth.

Negotiation Strategies

Ian delves into the how a comprehensive understanding of insurance coverage significantly impacts settlements, especially in cases like car accidents. He further unveils effective negotiation strategies that can lead to increased settlements, considering various additional expenses incurred.

Enthusiasm in Workplace and Customer Service

Beyond the technicalities of insurance, Ian Bertini brings attention to the passion he injects into his work. His genuine enthusiasm for the job distinguishes his approach from past experiences, and the rarity of individuals who truly enjoy their occupations.

Impactful Insurance Practices

Ian's dedication to providing comprehensive support, his negotiation prowess, and his recognition of the broader implications of insurance showcase a holistic and impactful approach to insurance and risk management.





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