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Unwavering Dedication to Providing Real Customer Service

Elaine Castillo, the owner of Freedom Fun in San Antonio, highlights the company's unwavering dedication to working closely with clients from the planning stage onward in order to achieve their main goal of making each event exceptional.


So customer service was an area that you said you guys really focus on?


Oh, yes.


Making sure that it's really a personal, high-level experience from start to finish.


We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers regarding our customer service because there are so many times that we'll get a call almost weekly saying, " We were booked with this company, but they call to cancel".

We just don't do that unless it's weather-related where you know, "Hey, let's think of something else. Can we move it indoors?", things like that. We work with our customers to reschedule anything, should that be a factor. We don't just drop the ball and say, oh, you lost your money. We don't like to be that person. We're not that company to do that.

So we will follow through with all the details. One of the things is that once the, we talk to the customer, the sale goes through, we're there from, we're gonna be contacting them in between up until the event, just to ensure that we have all the details correct. 'Cause we don't, we never wanna show up to an event unprepared or "Hey, we decided to move it on pavement instead of grass", and "Oh man, we don't have the right setup equipment". We never wanna do that.

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