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Turning Sales Talents to the Best of Their Ability

Kirby Kaden, the Managing Partner of Kaden Solution, discusses the greatest satisfaction and most rewarding aspects of his profession in sales training and marketing.


So what are you most rewarded by when you're working with a client?


It's very interesting and it's a little bit bizarre, but it's a great question. When I was in sales, and for most people it's about the money and all that, and the money was great and I made a lot of it and I was very successful and one sales contest and all that, but none of that could even hold a candle to the joy of taking a fantastic young individual with raw sales talent encoded on their DNA and turning them into a superstar. And I have had the good fortune and privilege to do that on so many different occasions. First with the Fortune 500 businesses that I was working inside of, and then with all these small businesses, it's just amazing when you change somebody's life.

It really gives you purpose and that's the greatest joy for me.

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