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Business Realities: Michael Garcia & Dennis Grizzard Turning Expertise into Empowerment

Another week, another engaging episode of "Let's Talk Business," where we bring you insights, stories, and expert advice to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. Your hosts, Marc Ebinger and Heather Boehme, are back with an exciting business discussion on turning expertise into empowerment with guests: Michael Garcia, the founder of Unbound-IT, who specializes in IT infrastructure, maintenance, and cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses; and Dennis Grizzard, the owner of Credit Royalty & Grizzard Hospitality LLC. He's not just a credit repair pro; he's the guy who transformed his life by pivoting from a medical career to a credit-savvy entrepreneur.

Michael's Tech Odyssey: From Oracle to Unbound I.T.

Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call: Small Biz, Big Targets

Ever wondered how someone becomes a tech wizard? Well, Michael's journey is nothing short of captivating. He's walked the tech talk in roles at Oracle, SolarWinds, and Rackspace. All that know-how eventually led him to create Unbound I.T., a company that's all about making tech a breeze for small businesses. The lesson here? Passion and experience make a killer combo! "It won't happen to me." That's a common mindset among small business owners when it comes to cybersecurity. But here's the truth bomb—cyber baddies don't discriminate based on size. Michael spills the beans on how small businesses often underestimate the power of cybersecurity. The hosts chime in, highlighting that even your cozy little bakery is a potential bullseye for cyber trouble.

Climbing the Cybersecurity Mountain on a Budget: Yes, It's Possible!

Money talk! While big corporations splash cash on IT and cybersecurity, small players often feel like they're stuck in budget jail. But hold up, there's hope. Michael spills the beans on affordable cybersecurity solutions that won't break the bank. Starting at around $30 a month, these gems can be a game-changer for your digital fortress.

When Cyber Attacks Strike: It's More Than Just Money

Ever thought about the real cost of a cyber attack? Brace yourself—it's not just about the dollars. It's the chaos, the reputation hit, and the headache. The hosts stress that cybersecurity isn't a "nice to have," it's a "need to have" for business survival. And who wants their dream venture derailed by some sneaky hacker? Not us!

Calling in the Cyber Pros: Expertise to the Rescue

Feeling lost in the world of cybersecurity? Fear not, superheroes! The secret weapon is simple—cybersecurity consultants. These folks live and breathe digital defense. Working with them helps you uncover your business's weak spots and tailor solutions to fit like a glove. It's like having a cybersecurity superhero on speed dial.

Leveling Up with Delegation: You Don't Have to Do It All

The Power of Delegation

One of the central themes that emerged from the conversation was the significance of delegation. Here's the deal: Being a superhero entrepreneur doesn't mean tackling everything on your own. As Michael highlighted, recognizing your highest and best skills and trusting others to handle tasks efficiently is a game-changer. But it's not just about delegating—it's about delegating wisely. Dennis Grizzard, the credit repair specialist and owner of Credit Royalty, also joined the conversation to emphasize the importance of delegating tasks to free up time for high-value activities that drive growth. "You're not alone, and it's okay to ask for help" Dennis emphasizes.

Dennis Grizzard: From Scrubs to Credit Scores

When Life Hands You Credit Woes: Dennis's Path to Credit Royalty

Now, let's switch gears and meet Dennis Grizzard. He's not just a credit repair pro; he's the guy who transformed his life by pivoting from a medical career to a credit-savvy entrepreneur. How? He saw a chance to help people navigate the credit maze, and he grabbed it with both hands. Dennis's journey started with a clunker of a credit score and a desperate need for wheels. He did what any modern-day hero would do—Googled his way to credit repair wisdom. Through YouTube and books, he skyrocketed his score from a dismal 479 to a respectable 650 in just over a month and a half. That was the spark that ignited his credit repair fire.

The Credit Repair Ripple Effect: Helping Others Thrive

Empathy and the desire to help others turned Dennis's personal credit triumph into a full-blown business. Armed with his hard-earned knowledge, he lent a hand to friends and family, changing lives one credit score at a time. Eventually, he mustered the courage to turn his passion into a full-time gig. It's a lesson in how lending a hand can become a life-changing business endeavor.

Top Tips Straight from the Credit Guru

Dennis isn't keeping his credit repair wisdom under wraps. He's got tips aplenty for anyone looking to spruce up their credit game. Keep an eagle eye on your credit report for errors, rein in the credit card splurges, and be the boss of your payment history. It's like a recipe for credit score success!

Beyond Credit Scores: The Power of Financial Freedom

Credit scores aren't just numbers; they're the gatekeepers to financial freedom. Dennis is all about avoiding those pesky high-interest loans that can set you back. He's been there, done that, and he's here to keep you from making the same mistakes. It's like having a financial fairy godfather.

Turning Expertise into Empowerment

Michael Garcia's IT and cybersecurity insights, combined with Dennis Grizzard's credit repair journey, are a masterclass in turning expertise into empowerment. Embrace delegation, don't skimp on cybersecurity, and let your personal triumphs guide you to business success.

From Oracle to Unbound I.T., from medical scrubs to Credit Royalty—these stories prove that when passion meets knowledge, the possibilities are limitless. So whether you're a business maverick, a budding entrepreneur, or just someone curious about the IT and credit worlds, this episode of "Let's Talk Business" is your golden ticket.


Stay tuned for more wisdom, more insights, and more real stories that'll fuel your business dreams. Until next time, keep hustling, keep growing, and let's talk business!




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