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The Winning Blend of Networking, Social Media, and Coaching

Networking connects people from different cultures, helping businesses succeed globally. In the Let's Talk Business podcast, hosted by Marc Ebinger and co-hosted by Jenevy Sims, the episode features Kyan Frith, a successful business expert and the owner of Kyan Frith Business Breakthrough. In this blog, we explore how old-school face-to-face networking mixes with the wide reach of social media, revealing the secrets to a successful business combo. Additionally, Kyan talks about his shift from dealing with online risks to coaching businesses, including his $100,000 challenge. Keep reading to discover tips from Marc, Jenevy, and Kyan as they explain the winning blend of networking, social media, and coaching; considering the old and new approaches to communicating across different cultures.

Networking, Social Media, and Coaching

The Role of Networking and Social Media

Marc spearheads a discussion underscoring the paramount importance of networking and social media. His insights illuminate the transformative power these elements hold in driving growth. The discourse unfolds as a testament to the acknowledgment that in today's interconnected world, establishing and nurturing professional connections through digital platforms can be a catalyst for success. As businesses evolve, the ability to leverage social media becomes not just an asset but a necessity, positioning it at the forefront of strategies for sustained growth.

The Varied Approaches to Business Interaction

Jenevy adds a nuanced layer to the conversation by shedding light on the diverse approaches witnessed in different regions. Drawing a vivid contrast between the rapid-fire social media connections prevalent in New York and the more traditional exchange of business cards in San Antonio, Jenevy emphasizes the importance of understanding and adapting to regional nuances in business interaction. This exploration into the dynamic interplay between geography and business etiquette underscores the need for a flexible and culturally attuned approach to networking strategies.

Bridging the Gap: Cultural Nuances in Business Communication

Kyan takes the discussion into exploring the cultural intricacies that shape business communication in distinct locales. From the technology-driven landscape in the UK to the more conventional reliance on business cards in San Antonio, Kyan navigates the spectrum of preferences. Despite the inclination towards modern methods, there exists a profound appreciation for the personal touch embedded in traditional practices. Yet, this sentiment is not without its challenges, as Kyan highlights the practical dilemma posed by the accumulating stack of business cards, adding a layer of complexity to the evolving landscape of cross-cultural business communication.

Kyan Frith and the Art of Business Breakthrough

A Transcontinental Journey to Success

With a rich background in the UK and offshore industries, Kyan Frith, a seasoned business breakthrough expert and the Owner of Kyan Frith Business Breakthrough, brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in accounting and diverse business domains. His journey unfolds as he shares the reasons behind his relocation to the US, driven by familial ties to San Antonio through his American wife. As Kyan settled into the US business landscape, he leveraged his international experience to delve into diverse business pursuits. Notably, he stands out as an Englishman at networking events, capitalizing on his distinctive personality and approachability to enhance personal branding.

From Cyber Risk to Coaching: Kyan Frith's Evolution in Business Leadership

Kyan Frith's narrative takes a fascinating turn as he discusses his transition from the realm of cyber risk governance to becoming a prominent figure in the domain of business coaching. A part of an elite global coaching network, Kyan articulates his approach to coaching, emphasizing the importance of coachability in successful collaborations with business owners. He introduces a specialized software platform that forms the cornerstone of his coaching methodology, providing long-term support to his clients. Kyan's story serves as a testament to the dynamic evolution of a business leader, seamlessly navigating across industries to make a lasting impact.

Unlocking Revenue: Kyan Frith's $100,000 Challenge

In a bold declaration, Kyan Frith introduces the audience to his $100,000 challenge during a 45-minute strategy session. He asserts his ability to uncover significant additional revenue for any business willing to take on this challenge. Despite initial skepticism from clients, Kyan has demonstrated confident results, showcasing his prowess in identifying untapped potential within businesses. His approach underscores the transformative power of strategic thinking and highlights the tangible impact a well-crafted business strategy can have on unlocking substantial financial gains. Kyan's confidence and track record positions him as a beacon in the realm of business strategy and breakthroughs.


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