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The Safety Net in Commercial Insurance and The Business Side of Sports

At its core, "Let's Talk Business" serves as a gateway to a treasure trove of insights, ideas, and strategies that empower both business owners and enterprises to flourish in today's fiercely competitive business landscape. This podcast encompasses a wide array of topics, spanning from networking and marketing to leadership and innovation, providing a comprehensive view of the intricate business ecosystem. We are led by the founder of 'Let's Talk Business,' Marc Ebinger, who is also the CEO of Crükus Marketing Agency with his expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to the table. Additionally, we are joined by co-host Howie Nestel, a marketing expert and the President of Sharkmatic Advertising, who plays an instrumental role in crafting each episode. Together, Marc and Howie take us on an engaging journey through diverse subjects, from the safety net in commercial insurance and the business side of sports. Along the way, we make a pit stop at the intersection of social media and networking, adding a thrilling twist to the ride. Get ready for a captivating journey where business wisdom meets dynamic conversation!

The Safety Net in Commercial Insurance and The Business Side of Sports: Meet the Guests

Ted Henderson: Deciphering Commercial Insurance

Ted Henderson, a Risk Advisor and Commercial Insurance expert with InSource InSurance Agency, steps into the spotlight to unravel the complexities of the commercial insurance landscape. With a wealth of knowledge, Ted emphasizes the paramount importance of collaborating with an insurance agent who possesses an in-depth understanding of your specific industry. Furthermore, he suggests that entrepreneurs should seek referrals from competitors and industry peers as a reliable starting point in the quest for the ideal insurance coverage.

Cody Carlisle: Selling Success with San Antonio FC

Joining the conversation is Cody Carlisle, a Ticket Sales Representative at San Antonio FC, who offers a fascinating peek behind the curtain of professional soccer. We learn about the professional ethos that underpins San Antonio FC, where winning takes precedence in the intensely competitive world of soccer. Cody generously shares his journey into the realm of sales, highlighting how the power of LinkedIn played a pivotal role in his introduction to the dynamic world of San Antonio FC. In a candid moment, Cody reveals his aspirations to further his career by joining the illustrious Spurs organization.

The Power of Networking and Social Media

Howie Nestel, the President of Sharkmatic Advertising, takes center stage to discuss the critical interplay between networking, social media, and business growth. He underscores the need for authenticity in social media interactions, urging entrepreneurs to connect and engage with their audience in a genuine and meaningful manner. Howie's insights provide valuable takeaways for those looking to harness the potential of social media platforms as powerful tools for expanding their businesses.

Navigating the Complex World of Commercial Insurance

Ted Henderson, a Risk Advisor at InSource InSurance Agency, offered a guiding light in Commercial Insurance as it is often a labyrinthine domain for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

Building Strong Relationships in Commercial Insurance

Ted sheds light on the art of building robust relationships with insurance carriers and underwriters. These connections can prove instrumental in negotiating favorable terms and premiums. Ted passionately advocates for the value of consistency, emphasizing the advantages of working with a single carrier and a dedicated agent. Such an approach not only helps maintain a positive social image but also enhances marketability in the ever-evolving business landscape.

The Importance of Industry-Specific Knowledge

One of the key points revolved around the significance of working with an insurance agent who possesses industry-specific knowledge. This insight is paramount, as different industries come with unique risks and requirements. An agent well-versed in your particular field can identify potential pitfalls and tailor an insurance package that provides comprehensive coverage.

Leveraging Referrals for the Right Coverage

Ted also highlighted the practical approach of seeking referrals from competitors and industry peers. This approach can be a game-changer in your quest for the right insurance coverage. Competitors and industry partners often have firsthand experience with insurers and can recommend agents who understand the intricacies of your business.

Consistency in Working with a Single Carrier and Agent

Another noteworthy point stressed was the value of consistency in your insurance approach. By working with a single carrier and a dedicated agent, you not only maintain a positive social image but also enhance your marketability. Insurers often view businesses with consistent relationships as more stable and less risky.

The Social and Marketability Aspects of Insurance

Ted's insights extended beyond just the financial aspects of insurance. He delved into the social image and marketability that businesses can gain from a well-crafted insurance strategy. Having a reputation for sound risk management can attract clients and partners who value stability and security.

An Evolving Insurance Landscape

Ted touched on the ever-evolving nature of the insurance landscape. He emphasized the importance of staying informed about changes and developments in the insurance industry. What worked yesterday might not be the best approach today, and entrepreneurs need to adapt to these changes proactively.

Exploring San Antonio FC: The Soccer Spectacle

Let's pivot our attention to the captivating world of professional soccer with a Ticket Sales Representative at San Antonio FC, Cody Carlisle.

San Antonio FC: A Brief Overview

Cody started off by sharing a brief overview of the San Antonio FC. We learned that it was established in 2016 and that it stands as a distinct entity from the San Antonio Scorpions. Competing in the USL Championship, which positions it just one step below the illustrious Major League Soccer (MLS), San Antonio FC's success is attributed to the experience and expertise of its organization.

Player Pathways: A Two-Way Street

One of the fascinating aspects of San Antonio FC is the player pathways it offers. While some talented players make the leap from San Antonio FC to the MLS, occasional reversals also occur. This dynamic player movement adds an exciting layer of unpredictability to the team's operations, making every season a compelling story in the making.

The Magnetic Appeal of Soccer

Soccer, known for its continuous action and minimal downtime, offers an unrivaled level of excitement during matches. The crowd's energy, the rapid pace of play, and the unpredictability of outcomes make it a sport that keeps fans at the edge of their seats.

Season Tickets: A Ticket to Exclusive Experiences

For die-hard fans and loyal supporters, Cody shares that San Antonio FC offers a range of benefits through season tickets. These include:

- Personalized Sales and Service: Tailored to meet your specific needs.

- Access to On-Field Experiences: Get closer to the action.

- Meet the Starting 11: Rub shoulders with the stars.

- Building Relationships with Fellow Clients: Forge lasting connections with like-minded enthusiasts.

Entertaining Clients at San Antonio FC

Cody emphasizes that San Antonio FC isn't just about the game; it's also a fantastic venue for client entertainment. The team's diverse appeal attracts individuals from various industries, including blue-collar workers. This versatility ensures that attending a San Antonio FC match can be an ideal setting for relaxation and a unique outdoor experience that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

As we bring yet another enlightening episode of "Let's Talk Business" to a close, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated audience for joining us in this informative discussion. Whether you're navigating the intricate terrain of commercial insurance, immersing yourself in the fervor of professional soccer, or exploring the limitless possibilities of social media for business growth, San Antonio offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences. Until next time, remember that the opportunities for success are boundless in this thriving city – seize them with enthusiasm.


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