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The Involvement of Lawyers in Property Easements

Keaton Frieberg, a law partner with Texas Suits, explains what an easement is and how lawyers are involved and play a role in the process.


So how does a lawyer get involved in the survey dispute side of it or figure that out? What do you do to facilitate that? Just generally.


What you gotta do is you gotta, at some point, you have to have an easement and it's, and it'll end up being recorded, but to get the meets and bounds to basically tell somebody where the easement is, where, where is the actual place that, that I'm going to now occupy or have the ability to occupy.

That's where the surveyor comes in. They'll come out there and they'll stake it and they'll give you the meets and bounds that you put on the easement that you end up with. Having some other, the grand tour, in that case, the individual who's giving somebody else the right to walk or drive on a piece, a strip of property, that's what you'll give to them.


For them to sign off and say, "Yep, I'm okay with that", is that how you get involved is for that person signing that, right?

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