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The Influence of Surrounding Oneself with Good People in Business

Eddie Garza, the owner of Main Street Pizza & Pasta, emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with good people in business, while Marc discusses the pivotal moments in people's lives when making decisions.


Surround yourself with people that you love. Surround yourself with good people. That's what it is. And of course, the circle can always be opened up to bring another person in. And that's what the goal was and that's what it is now.


So when it comes to the challenges, Eddie, in the restaurant business, I think most people understand that it's a lot of hours that people are gonna put in. There are pivotal moments in people's lives, personal and professional lives. I've, I can point to a couple in my life where if I would've, I could've chosen to go a couple of different ways. There's an Al Pacino movie that sent off a woman where he talks about how he would come to these crossroads and he always made the wrong decision, it was his position on it. But I can point to a few of those where I made the right decision on these things are pivotal moments. This is a pivotal moment. For you, because you've got total, you've got destruction of what you've put so much time and effort into.

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