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The Impostor Syndrome: How Common Is It Among Entrepreneurs?

Kirby Kaden, the Managing Partner of Kaden Solutions, which focuses on sales training and marketing for small to medium-sized businesses, addresses the prevalence of impostor syndrome in the mindset of entrepreneurs.


So I left the media world and opened Cadence Solutions with the objective of taking these fantastic people who are these entrepreneurs that love what they do but don't know how to scale and build their businesses. And the other thing, which I think is very important, is you talked in the context of the motley crew about mindset and all that.

What I find very prevalent is that the mindset of a business person is challenged by their own imposter syndrome. What do I mean by that? Do I deserve to be happy? I deserve to be, be able to scale. Do I deserve to compete with the leaders in a vertical? Those sorts of things. That's what my practice is now, and it's morphed as I've had all these experiences in 50 different. Plus industries, uh, businesses are really very similar, even though the industries couldn't be more different.


That would be a question that I actually had for you is how can you work in so many different industries?

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