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The Consequences of Not Providing New Hires with Adequate Training

Tone Gonzales, the President of Toned Homes AC & Remodeling, addresses with Heather the actual consequences of not providing new hires with adequate training.


The reason that you've been so successful is that you invested in each and every person you hired. You invested time to help them be successful, and that's the difference between delegating work and getting out of doing work. When you're trying to get outta doing work and you just put somebody in there and expect them to do your work, but you don't guide them and train them, you're gonna lose.

We talked about the pay or pay cons, and the pay or pay principle. You can either pay attention to your people and help them along, or you can pay someone else to pay attention to them, but you're gonna pay attention somehow. You're gonna pay, somehow you're doing it; you're gonna pay somehow.


And I think that's like a common problem, whether it be VAs or in-person hires, are people think they're gonna hire this person, all their problems are gonna go away. Or they're like, they recognize that they need training and then they never hire them, and then they wait until it is so busy. That is absolutely essential that they hire someone. You cannot get away with not hiring someone now, and you still don't have the time to train them. You can't because you're busy as all get out.

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