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Team Management: Getting Rid of Negativity Through Positive Communication

George Saldaña, the owner of Evenflow Home & Commercial Services, outlines his approach to team management to prevent negativity in the workplace, which also acts as a means to care for his employees' well-being.


I'm trying to make my guys the best inside the workplace and outside the workplace, because I truly believe if you are a good person and you take care of yourself, you'll take care of the people around you. And so we train on mindset's powerful. If you have a negative mind, you're gonna have negative actions.

So I train all my guys, "Hey, you're gonna run into problems. There's gonna be bad customers, there's also gonna be a lot more good customers". I was like, remember going into a home, no one's happy that something broke. No one's happy that they have to spend money. But if you can make that bad experience a good experience by communicating with 'em, talking to 'em, treat 'em like a person, not an ATM, that's a huge difference.

And my team, like that morning training, it's changed me. We watch motivational videos, we talk about each other's lives. We open the forum and communicate how we're feeling, and how we're doing, because like I said, like a family, you have to communicate with your staff. You have to know how your staff is doing.

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