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Team Concept Execution for Leveraging Efficient Systems and Processes

Marc Ebinger, the CEO of Crükus Marketing Agency and host of the Let's Talk Business podcast, discusses the value of planning to successfully leverage and carry out systems and procedures within a team.


So what would be your systems and processes when it comes to people?


Picking up a social media client and figuring out what their needs are, and then that team concept. Make sure that it's executed for them. So if they're looking to grow their connections, business to business, what does that look like? Where do they want to spend their time? What are their goals? And those people execute on that, making their social media look really good, making sure that we're doing everything we can to encourage interaction, engagement, taking offers, or whatever things are, but that's the team that executes that for me.


And I think that's the thing. So the leverage is there, but you can't really discharge the people who are there, they are the leverage, but they need a plan that they can execute. They don't just show up to work knowing intrinsically what to do. So if you're able to have the mental bandwidth, Because you're not answering the phone, you're not doing everything to then create larger scale systems and processes. And I know you've got systems and processes in your business

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