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Tax Optimization Experts: What Is It and What Do They Do?

Alexander McGaw, a Tax Optimization Expert with Better Benefits for Texas, provides a simpler and clearer grasp of what a tax optimization expert is and what they do.


Can you tell us what a tax optimization expert is? But explain it to me like I'm five.


Okay, cool. So I went on Chat GPT. So I went in and I was like, "Okay. How do I explain what I do?". So simply because first I started off as like cashflow consultant and that was like what I was running with, right? But then that was still confusing, and so it is not brought to the surface. This has been around since 1972. What I do, the problem is it doesn't get, given to small businesses. So what I do, if I was, if you were five years old, I lower payroll taxes and increase employee benefits spending at no direct cost for companies. That's what I do. It's very proprietary, it's very unique. There are some people that have the first part of it, some people do the second part of it, and some people do the third part of it, I do all three at one time.

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