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Tangent Tees: A Thoughtful Approach to Inclusivity in Athletic Wear

Martha Schoenewe is weaving her way into the realm of entrepreneurship. While serving as the Site Director for Paws for Purple Hearts, Martha decided to start her own business, Tangent Tees. Her journey in entrepreneurship involves smart business plans, caring about everyone's needs, and winning big in the 2023 Service Foundation Military Entrepreneur Challenge. In this blog, we share Martha's narrative as we address her niche in plus-size and smaller-size shirts, all while promoting inclusivity in athletic wear.

Martha Schoenewe's Entrepreneurial Journey on Starting Tangent Tees

Martha Schoenewe stands as a certified Project Management Professional equipped with a dual mastery in Business Administration and Public Administration. This academic background backs her qualifications, on entering entrepreneurship as a leader with the expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of business.

Success in the 2023 Service Foundation Military Entrepreneur Challenge

Martha's pivotal engagement in the 2023 Service Foundation Military Entrepreneur Challenge stands as a defining moment in her entrepreneurial journey. Securing support and valuable connections, Martha's participation not only propelled Tangent Tees forward but also exemplifies the significance of targeted initiatives in fostering business growth. Martha shares her discovery of the challenge, experiences at the special conference in Arlington, Texas, and the profound impact of connecting with like-minded veterans and spouses in pursuit of shared business aspirations.

Business Model of Tangent Tees: Inclusivity in Athletic Wear

Tangent Tees, under Martha's management, embraces a business model grounded in community, inclusivity, and quality. With a unique approach that involves international sourcing, local design application, and rigorous quality control in San Antonio, Tangent Tees shows Martha's commitment to delivering excellence in athletic shirts for plus-size individuals. Her scaling plans, which include increased orders, military-affiliated personnel recruitment, and transparent profit allocation, reflect a strategic vision for sustained growth.

Identifying a Gap and Entrepreneurial Motivation

Martha's entrepreneurial journey is rooted in a keen observation of a gap in the market - the lack of inclusivity for plus-sized individuals in athletic wear. Rather than wait for others to address this issue, she chose entrepreneurship as a proactive solution. Martha's motivation to create a business that caters to this overlooked demographic not only shows her business acumen but also her commitment to making a positive impact.

Social Media Utilization for Marketing

In a digital age, Martha leverages social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok—as key tools in her marketing move. This strategic approach allows Tangent Tees to directly engage with its target audience. Through compelling content and community-building initiatives, Martha ensures her brand resonates with customers who seek not only quality athletic wear but also a sense of belonging.

Pricing Strategy and Profit Goals

Tangent Tees' pricing strategy is carefully calibrated to balance quality and size inclusivity. Despite an initial higher cost per item, Martha aims to reduce this by 30% within two years. This projection is rooted in the scalability of the business and reflects Martha's commitment to making her products more accessible. The competitive strategies, emphasizing transparency, quality, customer service, and responsible spending, underscore Tangent Tees' commitment to long-term success in the market.





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