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Spurs Sports & Entertainment: The Role of Creativity in Ticket Sales

Timothy O'Grady, a.k.a. "Timmy Tickets", describes how his sales creativity has evolved throughout the course of his career with Spurs Sports & Entertainment as its Senior Account Executive.


So when it comes to what drives you on a daily basis, 'cause I know you're in ticket sales, right? Which getting to know you and how you approach it has been really illuminating for me because you are, in my opinion, I don't know about your space, but in my opinion, you're very creative and how you do it because you're speaking to business owners. This is how you can make this work for your business and they love it. So where did that come from? Was that your training?

Timmy Tickets:

Another good question; just evolved I think, and also part of the evolution of Timmy Tickets. So yeah, I took this job and they didn't have any formal training like any other sales job I've had. They basically said, there you go. They said, "Here, you sell Spurs tickets now, you figure it out." And I was like, "Okay". So I went and did a bunch of things that people told me didn't work. I guess luckily for me, I'm not gonna listen to someone else tell me, I need to figure it out for myself. So I'll never forget it.

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