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Social Media Content: The Area Where Businesses Commonly Fail

Eddie Rivas, a Development Manager at Restoration 1, discusses with Marc the area of social media management where businesses commonly fail in terms of content quality, volume, and consistency.


So what's an area where businesses are really messing up there?


I think the volume of content is a big thing that a lot of businesses don't maintain. I think they want to say, "I'm gonna throw a few pictures, a few posts", and they think that's enough, and we'll do that for maybe a couple of weeks and they'll stop and slow down. That's a really big thing that I noticed really takes businesses from failing to reach the next level.


So the volume of content, but also what is that content, right? The content should follow some kind of a strategy and that's really right where Howie excels in strategy when it comes to marketing as well. But yeah, that's good. So the volume of content. That's one of the things this show does well, is create a ton. If you guys follow me on social media, I'm like all over the place all the time. It's because I create a ton of content outta here and then I multipurpose the content, like pictures and all this other kind of stuff, and then that leads to help with Google Reviews, like you mentioned earlier, Carl. Anyway, so the volume of content, right?


Yes. And then I guess right now, just because of how all social media are going, video content, especially short-form content, that 10, 15-second vid that's really gonna help with the growth.

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