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San Antonio Real Estate Market: Statistics, Trends, and Projections

Adam Kavulic, a Realtor with NAK Realty Group at Keller Williams Heritage, discusses the current state of real estate in San Antonio as well as his projections for its long-term stability.


So what's the current state of the real estate market here in the San Antonio area?


It's funny you say that because, so the peak of the average housing price was in June of last year, and then interest rates spiked, and then it fell. So last May, cuz we have the stats from last May and then this May it just came out. The average home price is exactly the same. We are, we are at where we were at the craziest time, so we're right now. May was the third-highest historic average price this May. So we're right back in the neck of it again.


Do you think that's gonna continue?


I can't predict that can project. So if you use historic trends to look forward, I would say given the market and the interest rates, as long as the. Stay this way, stabilize it. The ups and downs are what frightens people the most. And but if it stays, even if it's high, six to 7%, this is what it is. People can't prepare for it, and I think it'll grow. I actually think we'll go past June's price last year.

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