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Reasons Why Some Businesses Don't Work with Unions

Plumbing Dawgs' Master Plumber Pedro Gonzales and Business Manager Irmalinda Gonzales give possible reasons for why some businesses refuse to work with unions.


Why are some of the reasons that other businesses don't directly start working with the unions?


I will say it's probably financially stabling their business. So when you have a non-union company probably paying their journeyman 20 bucks an hour, and when you go to local 1 42 Plumber's website, it'll even give you their pay scale.

So our journeyman plumbers are closer to about 40 bucks an hour. So we're doubling on the pay. And for residential contractors, it's a lot cheaper to hire their manpower.


So there's a different pay scale definitely. But I think that's value in it. There's value in paying that additional amount. One, your employee's gonna be happy, they're getting the training on the job training, and they're still gonna be able to support their family, uh, with medical benefits and retirement.

For us, it was very important. I'm a real estate agent, so we don't have insurance. We have to provide it for ourselves.


And a blessing with the union.... that you could have 15 kids and you're still paying the same amount.

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