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The Power of Passion and Hard Work in the Martial Arts World

Expert martial artist Ram de Peña discusses how his passion for and hard work in the martial arts world drove him to start teaching and opened the door to entrepreneurship, leading him to launch Studio Martial Arts in San Antonio.


So how did it go from this sport that you're doing during school and then into an actual business?


I remember that this is something I fell in love with that I really love it when people, when it clicks you, I'm sure you understand when it clicks in a person's mind, "Oh, there we go", and it makes sense.

Doesn't it give you really good satisfaction? That's how it felt for me with teaching. And I really fell in love with it. And I wanted to start my own school and I wanted to make it profitable, mainly because I had a lot of people telling me I couldn't do it. And so I'm not very good with control or opinions that go against my own in that way.

So I decided to do it and I went forward full tilt and every step of the way got a little better, and then finally 10 years, we got a good school, we got a profitable school, which is nice, and a good house and good family, and everything's good.

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