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Networking: The Importance of Retaining Existing Clients

Emad Guirguis, the owner of SimpliBookkeeping, describes his company's progressive growth over the years and the big factor that effectively contributed to it.


Beginning of 2023, there was a huge flow of new clientele that came in. And fortunate enough, we had our systems and processes in place and the team to support it. And so when that came in, we were actually able to grow significantly. So right now we're sitting at roughly almost 70 clients that we manage their books for every single month. And all their reports get sent out.


And how much of that growth would you say is networking?


All of it, word of mouth. And a big key piece was the current clients actually. So current clients, if you do a good enough job and you're always there in front of 'em, like networking, yeah, you go to networking groups, which is awesome, but you can also network within the customers or clients that you already have. So if you're constantly in front of them as well, then you're always in the top of their mind.


It's so important to harvest your own fields.

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