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Martial Arts: How Earning a Blackbelt Can Benefit Children

Ram de Peña, the owner of Studio Martial Arts in San Antonio, outlines the reasons why children are encouraged to earn a blackbelt and how it will benefit them in many areas of life.


What's the vision to get your blackbelt? Okay. Why? Because I know through this process, you're gonna learn the tools to really goal set and go out and get what you need to get, and you're gonna be able to defend yourself, and you're gonna have discipline and you're gonna be able to do a lot of things that they don't teach nowadays.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where they don't teach kids to have a vision, and also they expect kids to figure it out. Me trying to figure it out on my own didn't help very much. I had, I needed guidance, right? And kids need guidance today. And so we really start them off. We start with that in mind.

Then what we do is we give them assignments and we give them different things to do. Like we draw pictures of them being black belts. We also have them write things out. And lately, we added a questionnaire for our higher-ups on not just what they wanna do with the school, but what they want to be, and what kind of qualities they admire in other people.

What kind of qualities do they want for themselves? Why do they want them?

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