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Make or Break Business: Why the Employees You Hire Matter

Morris McRae, the President of Maids On A Mission, explains why employees are seen as the biggest pain points and perhaps the best asset in the industry they are in, aka a make-or-break factor in business.


Tell me a little bit about labor numbers in terms of what labor that was.


I can tell you about labor in this business a little bit because that's probably one of our biggest pain points, but it's also potentially our strongest asset is who we hire because who we hire is really the face of Maids on a Mission, it's not Morris. Okay? So that's what we have to look at, is we have to see how can we attract the market to our perfect, not only customer avatar but our employee avatar. And that's the biggest thing I think in this business that makes it exciting. It makes it a rollercoaster.

Sometimes it's a real ride. And that you have to be able to get the labor and to be able to grow your business and do it at a steady pace, even though you are going through these ups and downs in terms of your business cycle.

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