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Living Standards: Clean Floors and Nutrition in Focus

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

We often underestimate factors that can profoundly impact our well-being. In this episode, hosted by Heather Boehme, a certified Business Coach, and Howie Nestel, a marketing expert serving as the President of Sharkmatic Advertising, we have the pleasure of having Tirza Nestel, a Nutrition Partner and Pediatric Dietitian, and Amanda, the Owner of Green Tree Steamers, redefining eco-friendly floor cleaning as guests. Their stories and expertise promise fresh insights into the world of business and the exchange of ideas that resonate with everyone who is passionate about making their mark in business. This blog aims to be an influence on your quality of life, focusing on clean floors and nutrition, which also serves as a reminder that the smallest changes in our living environment and dietary choices can result in the most significant improvements.

Tirza Nestel: Your Nutrition Partner

In the spotlight is Tirza Nestel, a Nutrition Partner and Owner and Pediatric Dietitian. Tirza joins us to share her unwavering passion for nutrition and her mission to empower parents through the language of food.

Nurturing Health and Wellness

Heather warmly welcomes Tirza, who has dedicated her career to helping parents make healthier food choices for their children. Tirza passionately emphasizes the importance of good nutrition, which can lead to increased energy levels and better communicat ion. As a pediatric dietitian, her mission is to help parents empower their children to make healthier food choices.

Empowering Parents Through Nutrition

Tirza sheds light on the pivotal role parents play in influencing their children's eating habits from a young age. Taste preferences, she explains, are learned, and parents can significantly influence their children's food choices from an early age. The impact of proper nutrition on children's development is undeniable, as it can lead to a positive self-image, improved performance in various areas, and an overall better quality of life.

Amanda Behnken: Green Tree Steamers

Next up is Amanda Behnken, the owner of Green Tree Steamers, a company dedicated to eco-friendly floor cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaning Business

Amanda's passion for providing high-quality service is evident as she discusses her business. The importance of maintaining a clean environment, particularly clean floors, is a topic of discussion.

The Significance of Clean Floors for Productivity

Amanda highlights that over time, floors that hide dirt can get progressively dirtier without us even noticing. She emphasizes that professional cleaning can significantly brighten a room, making it uplifting. Moreover, she discusses the unique challenges of porous tile and grout, which can accumulate dirt from shoes and pets, necessitating specialized cleaning. She stresses the importance of considering professional floor cleaning services, like Amanda's Green Tree Steamers, to ensure your floors remain in pristine condition.

Insights on Entrepreneurship

Howie Nestel, the co-host and owner of Sharkmatic Advertising, shares his extensive experience helping over 1,500 clients grow their marketing influence.

The Importance of Passion and Obsession in Entrepreneurship

Howie emphasizes the crucial role that passion and obsession play in the world of entrepreneurship. He underscores that passion should be at the forefront of our business endeavors, driving us to new heights.

Emphasis on Passion in Business

Heather echoes this sentiment, highlighting the significance of passion in entrepreneurship and the journey of being a business owner.

Navigating Business Communication in the Digital Age

The discussion extends to adapting to different platforms like Zoom for business communication, with a special focus on showcasing passion in business and becoming our clients' most ardent cheerleaders. It's a reminder that building a loyal clientele is as much about genuine enthusiasm as it is about your product or service.

The Ongoing Commitment of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is a constant commitment. It's a journey marked by unwavering passion and the determination to make things work in your career. The hosts and guests encourage individuals to explore different industries and not be tied to one for their entire life.

Personal Stories of Success and Decisions

Throughout the episode, we are treated to personal anecdotes, realizations, and insights into the power of networking and decisions in the world of entrepreneurship. The episode offers a feast of practical tips and guidance for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Monetizing Social Media Views and Business Opportunities

The discussion includes insights into monetizing social media popularity and the need to convert views into tangible business opportunities. The hosts stress that success on social media doesn't always translate to financial success.

Prioritizing Tasks: Success List vs. To-Do List

The importance of prioritizing tasks on your to-do list based on what will contribute to your long-term success is emphasized. The most important tasks are often the ones people avoid but should tackle first.

The Value of Networking for Future Business Opportunities

Networking is hailed as a valuable investment in your business's future. It creates connections that can lead to opportunities.

The Role of Branding in Reflecting Expertise

Your branding should reflect your expertise and provide tangible solutions that can improve people's lives or businesses. The focus should be on being memorable and offering practical, achievable steps towards better health or business success.

Evaluating Time Management for Business Success

The episode rounds off by encouraging an evaluation of how you spend your time. Are you wasting time on low-impact activities? It's a call to reevaluate and optimize time management for enhanced business success.

Influence on Your Quality of Life: Clean Floors and Nutrition

The impact of clean floors and sound nutrition on your quality of life cannot be overstated. Both of these aspects, often overlooked in our daily hustle and bustle, hold the key to nurturing your well-being and raising the bar on your living standards. Clean floors are not merely a matter of aesthetics; they create an environment that supports your physical and mental health, uplifting your everyday experience. Similarly, nutrition serves as the building blocks of your vitality, influencing your energy levels, cognitive functions, and overall vitality.

These seemingly minor adjustments to your lifestyle, such as maintaining clean floors and opting for a balanced diet, can yield significant, long-lasting benefits. The message here is that even the most modest changes can yield profound differences in your life. As you continue your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life, carry these insights with you. Embrace the power of a clean, organized environment and nourishing your body with the right foods. In doing so, you're taking crucial steps towards a future filled with vitality and well-being, where every day is an opportunity to thrive.


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