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Let's Talk Business on Chamber Leadership & Plumbing Mastery

From the Let's Talk Business podcast episode, we learn about the experiences of two business owners, hosted by Marc Ebinger and Jenevy Sims. First, there's JR Treviño, who is the Interim President and CEO of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Then, we have our second guest, Mark Vargas, a Master Plumber and the owner of Silverback Plumbing & Drain in San Antonio. In this blog, we explore their business focuses, and while they differ in expertise, they share a common emphasis on relationship building through networking and community support.

JR Treviño's Leadership in the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber

JR Treviño's Entrepreneurial Journey

JR Treviño, serving as the Interim President/CEO, leads the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, an organization with a rich history dating back to 1929 when it was established as the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, it has evolved to support Hispanic business owners and foster connections within all Hispanic communities, promoting inclusivity. This overview encapsulates the leadership and historical context that lays the foundation for the Chamber's current initiatives.

Chamber Value and Programs for Business Growth

The Chamber's commitment to fostering business growth through various avenues. Networking events, galas, and leadership programs stand out as key offerings, emphasizing relationship-building and advocacy. The Chamber provides a platform for small businesses to connect, indirectly generating opportunities. Monthly happy hours, networking breakfasts, ribbon cuttings, and other events serve as tangible expressions of the Chamber's dedication to providing a supportive ecosystem for business development.

Insights & Takeaways on Business Growth

The conversation with JR Treviño offers valuable insights into the principles driving business growth. Acknowledging the importance of building relationships and community support, there is a clear emphasis on intentional investment in chambers like the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber. The key takeaway revolves around the significance of networking, advocacy, and community support as integral components for the growth of small businesses.

JR Treviño's Background and Chamber Leadership

JR Treviño's background, rooted in a family business, provides a personal touch to his role as the Chamber's leader. His engagement in the Chamber's leadership programs and assumption of the organization's chair position underscore his commitment to its mission. This personal and professional background enhances the credibility and relatability of the Chamber's leadership.

Chamber Advocacy and Collaborations for Business Support

Beyond internal programs, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber actively advocates for small businesses on a broader scale. Collaborations with banks for initiatives like the Texas Small Business Credit Initiative demonstrate a commitment to facilitating credit access for businesses facing challenging qualifications. Advocacy for timely tax credit reimbursements further underscores the Chamber's dedication to securing essential funding for sustained business growth. These collaborative efforts extend the Chamber's impact beyond its immediate membership.

Mark Vargas's Plumbing Mastery and Business Journey in San Antonio

Building Long-term Relationships

Mark Vargas, the owner of Silverback Plumbing & Drain in San Antonio, talks about the significance of cultivating long-term relationships in the plumbing industry. His emphasis on loyalty and the delivery of quality service ensures that clients trust his business for proper property servicing. The assurance of consistent, high-quality work has led to a dedicated client following, a testament to the importance of fostering lasting connections in the plumbing profession.

Overcoming Business Challenges

Mark Vargas shares insights into the early challenges of establishing Silverback Plumbing & Drain. Acquiring permits, managing tax registrations, and navigating municipal clearances presented hurdles during the initial setup. However, Vargas highlights the streamlining of processes over time, attributing part of his success to the invaluable support of his family.

Client Acquisition Strategies

Diversifying client acquisition strategies has been integral to Silverback Plumbing & Drain's success. From traditional door-to-door approaches to leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Vargas has employed various methods. The strategic decision to join BNI after startup significantly expanded his professional connections and client base, demonstrating the effectiveness of networking in business growth.

Educating Homeowners on Plumbing Jobs

Vargas advocates for homeowner involvement and awareness during plumbing jobs. Encouraging clients to be present and informed fosters transparency. He shares a compelling story of saving a client $45,000 by providing a second opinion and utilizing advanced technology like plumbing cameras for an accurate diagnosis. This commitment to educating clients not only adds value but also builds trust and confidence in the services provided.

Importance of Plumbing Cameras

In the realm of plumbing diagnostics, Vargas emphasizes the importance of advanced technology, particularly plumbing cameras. These tools not only enable accurate diagnostics but also offer transparency to clients. Allowing clients to view recordings fosters a clear understanding of the plumbing issues at hand, building trust and confidence in the services provided by Silverback Plumbing & Drain.





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