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Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies for Home Service Companies with Aaron Watters & LeadHub

Updated: Feb 19

In this episode of 'Let's Talk Business,' hosted by Marc Ebinger and co-hosted by Jenevy Sims and Kirby Kaden, viewers had the opportunity to hear from Aaron Watters, CEO of LeadHub. Consequently, this blog is teeming with straightforward insights into effective lead generation and marketing strategies for home services. It's an invaluable resource for anyone aiming to excel in a competitive market. Dive in to extract wisdom from Aaron's experience and acquire essential tips for success in the home services industry!

Aaron Watters came from humble beginnings, having worked as a ranch hand during his late teens before transitioning to become a residential electrician. This journey instilled in him a deep appreciation for blue-collar workers, whose pivotal role he now champions. With a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by those in the trades, he emphasizes the critical need for providing them with the right leads and success strategies, a principle that underpins his approach to business and marketing.

Aaron Watters & Leadhub

Aaron Waters, the CEO of LeadHub, shares his expertise on marketing and lead generation for home service industries. LeadHub, under his leadership, clinched the prestigious Best in Lead Generation Award at the Yelp Partnership Conference in 2023.

Business Strategies & Marketing Tactics

In business strategies and marketing tactics, Aaron emphasizes the importance of building brand awareness and maintaining consistency in messaging. Aaron stresses the significance of understanding client exit plans to tailor marketing strategies effectively, with a focus on client acquisition that considers lifetime value and nurtures long-term relationships. Leveraging platforms like Google ads, Bing ads, and cost-per-click strategies, Aaron aims for bottom-of-the-funnel results while advocating for consistency to avoid wasted ad spend. His approach underscores the necessity of recognizing the uniqueness of each business for crafting impactful marketing plans.

LeadHub's Approach

At LeadHub, Aaron Watters and his team prioritize lead value within the call center to maximize retargeting opportunities. Their approach is centered on-demand calls and lead nurturing, recognizing the strategic value of fostering long-term customer relationships. By placing a premium on lead quality and strategic engagement, LeadHub sets itself apart in the realm of lead generation.

Industry Focus: Home Services Niche

Choosing the home services niche was a deliberate move for Aaron Watters and LeadHub, driven by the rich opportunities and cyclical market trends inherent in the industry. Leveraging their technical expertise in SEO, they employ cost-effective lead-generation tactics tailored to the unique needs of home service businesses, positioning themselves as industry leaders.

Cyclical Nature of Business

Aaron acknowledges the cyclical patterns inherent in markets and stresses the importance of adaptability in navigating changing landscapes. Recognizing the interest of private equity in emerging markets, he sees it as a significant opportunity for growth and expansion. With a keen eye on industry trends and market fluctuations, LeadHub remains poised to capitalize on opportunities and drive continued success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies for Home Services

Expertise in Digital Marketing for Home Services

Aaron successfully executed numerous campaigns across various regions, yielding tangible results for his clients. By leveraging digital channels effectively, he has demonstrated the power of strategic online marketing in driving business growth and customer engagement within the home services sector.

Consistency in Marketing Strategies

Consistency is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Aaron emphasizes the importance of steadfastness in marketing efforts, particularly during transitional periods. By maintaining a consistent presence across multiple platforms and channels, businesses can establish brand familiarity and trust among their target audience, paving the way for sustained growth and success.

Emphasis on Brand Awareness

In today's dynamic marketplace, brand awareness reigns supreme. Aaron stresses the significance of cultivating a strong brand presence, especially in light of recent shifts in advertising dynamics. With changes in platforms like Google's local services leads, there has been a resurgence of interest in traditional media avenues such as television and radio. By capitalizing on these channels alongside digital strategies, businesses can enhance their visibility and reach, effectively capturing the attention of potential customers.

Utilization of AI in Marketing

While advancements in technology have revolutionized the marketing landscape, Aaron emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between automation and the human touch. While the company utilizes AI, including chat GPT for SEO, they recognize the irreplaceable value of genuine human interaction, particularly in content creation. By integrating AI seamlessly into their marketing efforts, they leverage its capabilities to augment rather than replace the personal touch that resonates with audiences.

Focus on Customer Service

Aaron prioritizes the customer experience, advocating for a proactive approach centered on active listening and effective communication. By asking pertinent questions and ensuring that customers feel heard and valued, businesses can forge lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Utilization of CRM Data

Data-driven decision-making lies at the core of our speaker's approach to business strategy. Leveraging CRM data, the company employs a systematic approach to analyzing customer interactions and preferences. By harnessing the power of technology to streamline data collection and analysis, they gain valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making and drive operational efficiency.

Holistic Marketing Attribution

Rather than focusing solely on immediate leads, Aaron emphasizes the importance of considering long-term brand building and engagement. By adopting a broader perspective that encompasses various touchpoints and interactions, businesses can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their marketing impact and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Innovative Projects

One such endeavor involves leveraging transcriptions from customer phone calls to distill the essence of brand identity, subsequently informing website copy and messaging. By tapping into the wealth of insights hidden within customer conversations, the company endeavors to create a more authentic and resonant brand experience for its audience.

Reflections on Communication, Leadership, and Personal Development

Communication Issues

Aaron finds himself grappling with communication issues and proposes addressing them proactively. He suggests open dialogue to confront the problem head-on, recognizing the importance of fostering clear and effective communication within his business endeavors. To further delve into this issue, he plans to seek guidance from his business coach, Kirby, intending to pose clarifying questions and seek actionable solutions to improve communication dynamics.

Impostor Syndrome and Leadership

In a candid acknowledgment, Aaron confronts the challenge of impostor syndrome and its impact on his leadership journey. He shares personal experiences of grappling with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, shedding light on the journey of overcoming these hurdles through self-reflection and personal development. Through events and experiences, he has learned to embrace leadership roles, recognizing the power of confronting and overcoming impostor syndrome.

Love Languages

Delving into the realm of personal relationships, Aaron unveils insights into his primary love language as acts of service, with quality time ranking as secondary. He explores the profound impact of understanding love languages on fostering meaningful connections and nurturing relationships. Engaging in a thoughtful conversation with the interviewer, Aaron explores the nuances of love languages, highlighting their relevance in both personal and professional spheres. Drawing from the wisdom of mentors, Jenevy shares the transformative power of a simple yet profound practice: having lunch with individuals not seen in the past three months. This practice, initially extended to professional contacts, has since expanded to include family members, resulting in unforeseen connections and profound insights into people's lives. Encouraging others to embrace this concept of intentional connection, Jenevy recommends delving deeper into the principles of relationship-building, perhaps through exploring the concept of love languages.

Self-awareness and Growth

Aaron underscores the pivotal role of self-awareness in the entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing its significance for personal and professional growth. He reflects on the process of self-discovery, navigating personal challenges, and cultivating resilience amidst adversity. With a commitment to continuous learning and gaining diverse perspectives, Aaron advocates for the importance of embracing vulnerability and seeking growth opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Community (EO)

Recognizing the value of entrepreneurship communities, Aaron emphasizes the importance of platforms like EO in fostering growth and collaboration. He discusses the enriching benefits of engaging with diverse perspectives and staying abreast of current trends and insights in the business world. Aaron highlights the myriad opportunities offered by EO, including monthly events featuring renowned speakers and networking opportunities aimed at facilitating meaningful connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Aaron extends a warm invitation to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike to an upcoming event focusing on the theme of leadership. Promoting open participation, he encourages individuals to seize the opportunity to glean valuable insights and expand their network within the EO community. Providing details on how to learn more and RSVP for the event, Aaron invites individuals to visit

their website ( to engage and connect with like-minded peers.

Aaron Watters on Balancing Life and Business

Prioritization and Boundaries

In navigating the complex demands of daily life, Aaron tackles the perennial challenge of setting boundaries and maintaining priorities. Through a lens of self-awareness and structured scheduling, he underscores the importance of cultivating stability amidst the chaos of modern living. Aaron shares practical strategies for managing priorities effectively, advocating for a mindful approach to balancing professional and personal obligations.

Work and Family

Juggling the demands of entrepreneurship with familial responsibilities, Aaron delves into the delicate art of balancing work and family life. He candidly discusses the inherent challenges of this endeavor, emphasizing the critical role of setting clear priorities and fostering open communication within the family unit. Aaron highlights the invaluable support provided by understanding and supportive partners, both in business and personal spheres, in navigating the intricacies of work-life integration.

Partnerships and Team Dynamics

Reflecting on the journey of collaboration with partners Ben and Ryan, Aaron sheds light on the dynamics of effective partnerships. He narrates the story of their alliance, emphasizing the synergy created by their complementary skills and shared vision. Aaron stresses the importance of understanding each team member's strengths and weaknesses, advocating for partnerships that align with individual skill sets and enhance collective capabilities.

Personality Assessments

Aaron recommends the adoption of consistent personality assessment tools as a means of navigating communication styles and interpersonal interactions. He elucidates how such assessments aid in understanding team dynamics, facilitating cohesive collaboration and effective communication. By advocating for the integration of personality assessments into team discussions, Aaron underscores their value in fostering understanding and synergy within groups.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Aaron delves into the intricacies of collaborative decision-making within teams, based on individual quick start levels and personality traits. He emphasizes the importance of fostering an environment of humility and open communication, where ego is set aside in favor of constructive dialogue. Aaron highlights the benefits of leveraging personality assessments as a tool for navigating differences and facilitating consensus in decision-making processes.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

As a fervent advocate for personal and professional growth, Aaron underscores the paramount importance of continuous learning, particularly for entrepreneurs. He shares insights gleaned from personal growth experiences, including participation in events and deep learning programs, as catalysts for transformation and innovation. Encouraging fellow entrepreneurs to embrace a mindset of continual improvement, Aaron champions the value of staying receptive to new ideas and embracing opportunities for growth.

Connect with Aaron Watters

To reach Aaron Watters and LeadHub, you have multiple contact options available. You can connect via Instagram at @aaronwatters, send an email to, visit their website or reach out by phone at 210-888-9530. Feel free to choose the method that suits you best for inquiries or collaboration opportunities!




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