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Is Your Water Clean? Experts Answer Technical & Business Aspects of Home Water Treatment

Updated: Feb 8

In the episode of "Let's Talk Business," host Marc Ebinger and co-host Howie Nestel bring you insightful conversations with two prominent figures in the water treatment industry: Richard Garcia, owner of Superior Water Softeners, and Tye Washington, owner of The Waterman. This blog serves as a comprehensive version of the valuable information, insights, and entrepreneurial journeys that Richard and Tye shared during the podcast. Learn about strategies and tips for cleaner water as you read on!

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Water Softener Solutions from Richard Garcia, Owner of Superior Water Softeners

Richard Garcia's Journey in the Water Treatment Industry

Richard Garcia, the owner of Superior Water Softeners, shares his journey in the water treatment industry, shedding light on the critical importance of proper sanitization in water softeners. With years of experience under his belt, Richard emphasizes the pivotal role that sanitation plays in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of water-softening systems. Through his insights, he highlights the evolution of water treatment practices and underscores the necessity of staying abreast of advancements in the field.

Challenges in Water Softeners Maintenance

In discussing the challenges inherent in water softener maintenance, Richard addresses the issue of filth accumulation and its detrimental impact on system efficiency. He stresses the significance of regular sanitization as a proactive measure to combat such challenges. Through his expertise, Richard elucidates on the complexities involved in maintaining water softeners, advocating for a diligent approach to upkeep to mitigate potential issues.

Addressing Biofilm in Water Softeners

One of the key topics Richard delves into is the pervasive issue of biofilm in water softeners and its adverse effects on both skin feel and water quality. Drawing from his experiences, he highlights the discovery of innovative solutions and products aimed at combatting biofilm. With a focus on improving user experience and system performance, Richard underscores the importance of addressing biofilm through effective treatment methods.

Testing and Observations

Richard shares invaluable insights gained from testing a water softener solution in Texas, where immediate improvements in both skin feel and water quality were observed among a segment of customers. This hands-on experience serves as a testament to the efficacy of the product and reinforces the importance of rigorous testing and validation in the water treatment industry.

Maintenance and Modern Technology

In advocating for proactive maintenance practices, Richard emphasizes the necessity of aggressive backwashing and leveraging modern technology to effectively flush out dirt and impurities from water softeners. Additionally, he promotes the use of gentle solutions for regular cleaning, underscoring the importance of preserving system integrity while ensuring optimal performance.

Health Considerations and Recommendations

Richard sheds light on the potential health implications associated with biofilm buildup in water softeners, underscoring the importance of regular sanitization as a preventive measure. By addressing these health considerations, he underscores the paramount importance of prioritizing user well-being and safety in water treatment practices.

Connect with Richard

To learn more about the innovative water softener solution discussed by Richard Garcia or to explore additional resources on water treatment, Richard encourages readers to visit their website ( By providing accessible avenues for inquiry, he aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions about their water treatment needs.

Tye Washington's Mission-Driven Approach to Water Treatment Business & Partnership Dynamics

Tye Washington's Journey: Transitioning to the Water Business

Meet Tye Washington, who embarked on a remarkable journey from the mortgage banking industry to the industry of water treatment. Through candid storytelling, Tye shares the twists and turns of his transition, offering invaluable insights gleaned from his diverse experiences along the way. His journey underscores the transformative power of embracing new opportunities and leveraging past expertise to thrive in unfamiliar terrain.

Water Softeners: Importance of Education and Training

In a compelling discussion, Tye sheds light on the vital role of water softeners in enhancing water quality and improving overall household well-being. Drawing from his wealth of knowledge, he emphasizes the critical need for education and training within the water industry. By empowering professionals with comprehensive understanding and practical skills, Tye advocates for a holistic approach to water treatment that prioritizes both efficacy and expertise.

Partnership Success: The Story of "The Waterman"

Tye's partnership with Fred marked the birth of "The Waterman," a thriving enterprise built on shared vision and unwavering commitment to excellence. Reflecting on nearly 8 years of collaborative triumphs, Tye recounts the journey from humble beginnings with one truck and car to the impressive fleet of five trucks and a dedicated team of 13 employees. Their success story epitomizes the transformative power of synergy and mutual respect in driving sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

From Humble Beginnings to Business Expansion

The evolution of "The Waterman" from its modest origins to its current status as a prominent player in the water treatment industry is a testament to Tye's entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering dedication. By meticulously nurturing the business and fostering a culture of innovation and service excellence, Tye and his team have achieved remarkable milestones, inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with passion and perseverance.

Navigating Partnerships: Lessons Learned

Tye's journey through partnership terrain has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations. Drawing from personal experiences, he candidly discusses the pitfalls of profit-driven partnerships and the transformative power of aligning with like-minded individuals who share a common ethos of integrity and service. His insights serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of values alignment and mutual respect in fostering enduring partnerships built on trust and collaboration.

The Role of Values and Service in Partnerships

At the heart of Tye's partnership philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to shared values and dedication to customer satisfaction. Drawing inspiration from biblical principles, Tye underscores the importance of being "equally yoked" in partnerships, where mutual respect and a shared commitment to service form the bedrock of enduring success. Through his words, Tye imparts timeless wisdom on the transformative power of integrity and collaboration in building thriving businesses that make a meaningful impact.

Mission-Oriented Approach to Water Treatment

For Tye, the journey in the water treatment industry transcends mere profit margins; it's a calling driven by a deep-seated commitment to service and education. By prioritizing customer empowerment and offering comprehensive water treatment solutions, Tye seeks to demystify the complexities of water treatment and empower consumers to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Equipment Lifespan and Quality Assurance

Tye delves into the nuances of equipment lifespan and the importance of quality assurance in water treatment solutions. By debunking myths surrounding planned obsolescence and emphasizing the importance of longevity and durability, Tye underscores his commitment to providing customers with reliable, high-quality products that stand the test of time. Through his meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, Tye sets a new standard for excellence in the water treatment industry.

Maintenance and Service Frequency

Recognizing the diverse needs of customers, Tye advocates for a tailored approach to maintenance and service frequency based on the specific requirements of each system. While commercial-grade systems may necessitate more frequent attention, Tye emphasizes the importance of proactive maintenance and prompt addressing of customer needs to ensure optimal system performance and customer satisfaction. Through his dedication to service excellence, Tye sets a shining example of professionalism and commitment in the water treatment industry.

Connect with Tye

Through his persona as "Tye the Water Guy," Tye leverages social media platforms to connect with customers on a personal level, offering valuable insights and expert advice on water treatment solutions. By humanizing the brand and establishing himself as a trusted authority in the industry, Tye sets a new standard for effective branding and customer engagement in the digital age. For personalized assistance, customers can reach Tye through their website (




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