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Is the Concept of Passive Income a Myth?

Business Coach Heather Boehme discusses the realities of passive income and why entrepreneurs need to be more open to leveraging their businesses.


How do we create passive income? And the truth is, the first step I think, is recognizing there is no passive income. There's no passive income, there's none. It doesn't matter if you're in stocks. It doesn't matter if you're in real estate. It doesn't matter if you're in business. It's leveraged income. It's how are you leveraging your income? And there are different vehicles.


Somebody's working.


Somebody's working! And you could be building a team like you guys are. And for me, like I'm a business coach. I look at my business and I recognize that it's gonna be really hard to scale my business because I can't leverage coaching.

That is something that I and my clients have as one. My thought is how do I create the vehicle to make myself a business owner? 'Cause I love business coaching. It's my passion, but I recognize that it's hard to leverage business. So, I look at different vehicles that I can grow along with my business coaching, and I'll have to give it time and attention, but what can I give a few hours a week rather than 80, 90 hours a week to leverage my time and attention?

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