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Inside Rareform Agency: Jakin Harper's CRM Business Solutions

Specializing in customer review management, customer interactions management, and seamless payment collections, Rareform Agency is reshaping the landscape for businesses. In the episode of Let's Talk Business hosted by Marc Ebinger and Jenevy Sims, the innovative mind driving Rareform Agency, Jakin Harper, joins them to explore how his company is reshaping customer experiences, going beyond conventional services in business management. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the crucial role of personalization in transforming customer experiences.

Jakin Harper and Rareform Agency

Jakin Harper, the owner of Rareform Agency, has cultivated a business specializing in customer review management, customer interactions management, and payment collection services. His entrepreneurial journey, inspired by simplifying his father's business processes, is driven by a mission to act as a superhero for fellow business owners seeking operational efficiency. Having initially worked in the IT space with major tech firms, Harper transitioned to create innovative solutions through Rareform Agency. This shift allowed him to bring a unique perspective to the development of services tailored for businesses.

Rareform Agency's Services

Rareform Agency stands out by integrating various services, such as phone call management, message communication, and ad performance tracking, into a single, customizable platform. Harper's commitment to personalization is evident in features like missed call text-backs and phone trees.

Scaling and Collaboration

The challenge lies in collaborating with partners to connect clients with suitable service providers, maintaining a delicate balance between independence and collaboration. Scaling Rareform Agency poses a significant challenge, and Harper's goal is to achieve this expansion while preserving personalized service and maintaining high-quality standards. The vision includes potential expansion with like-minded individuals in the future.

CRM System Evolution & Features

Rareform Agency's CRM system is dynamic and constantly evolving to meet changing business demands. Features like AI chat responders showcase a commitment to streamlining communication, while core values emphasize consolidating third-party applications for user-friendly simplicity.

CRM Integration: The CRM seamlessly connects with the client's current CRM system, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient integration.

Pipelines and Automation: The CRM's features include managing product/service completions, setting delays for review requests, and maintaining follow-up frequency through pipelines and automation

Review Management and Request Customization: The CRM system offers comprehensive review management integrated into its features where clients can tailor review requests; this showcases the flexibility of the system.

Continuous Messaging: The CRM's messaging persists until the sequence ends or the recipient opens the message, ensuring effective communication.

Business Strategy

Harper's business strategy involves acting as a consultant, addressing knowledge gaps for clients, and streamlining their software integration needs. Collaborating with partners, he connects clients with suitable service providers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their requirements.

Building Trust: Harper emphasizes the importance of in-person meetings for establishing trust and credibility, recognizing the value of face-to-face interactions.

Social Media Strategy: Acknowledging the necessity of social media presence, Harper prioritizes personal client relationships over extensive social media efforts.

Delegating Social Media Management: Marc suggests outsourcing social media efforts to maintain a consistent brand voice and presence.

Authentic Content: Marc and Jenevy advocate for showcasing personal sides on social media to connect with the audience effectively.

Accessibility: Rareform Agency under Harper's leadership enhances accessibility by offering easy scheduling through its website for consultations or meetings.





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