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How to Make Your Mark in the Plumbing Industry

Pedro Gonzales, the Master Plumber of Plumbing Dawgs, believes that showing up with integrity has a significant positive effect, especially in building relationships.


So how do you guys stand out? Obviously, you're a union, but how else as far as services you guys provide?


Really the biggest thing is showing up.


Isn't that interesting that we've come to a point in our culture where a big deal is just showing up?


Yeah, showing up and then a lot of integrity. Like I tell my customers, I'd rather build relationships than customers because customers are all over the place, but having a relationship is something different.

So for us, I'd rather try to build a relationship with everybody we meet so that way we understand their problems, what they're going on, and let's figure out a way to satisfy them so that way they will have confidence. And other plumbers or us to come back and do some more additional work for them.


Yeah, so talk about services just real quick. I think that speaking of relationships because there are things that really should be done maybe every year or even maybe more than once a year as part of maintaining your home...

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