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How Staffing Can Help Your Business Move Forward

Nef Torres, the Founder, and CEO of People First Employment, discusses how he got started in the staffing industry and his passion for helping businesses move forward through it.


 How did you get involved in the staffing world?


Truthfully, it was a natural path for me. I had been doing sales and just working at local restaurants and, and meeting a ton of people, and I saw the need that even that ownership had for consistent employees to be in their building. If not, their business just didn't function.

When you really start to break down what it means to help an organization find great employees that move their business forward, you also have to look at the flip side and see what it does for that individual to be able to put food on their table. And I had tried a few different work platforms and I just didn't feel like that same level of passion, I could make money in it, but in reality, I didn't feel like I was solving an issue that was near and dear to my heart.

And staffing gave me that. So as soon as I came in, I had an immediate impact, some success. It was followed by some adversity in my personal life. And I feel like I'm in a space where my business is benefiting from me, staying in the pocket and learning everything that I can and trying to stay ahead of that learning curve, that is our ever-changing world within staffing.

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