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Going vs. Growing: Unlocking Business Potentials with Virtual Assistants

Nate Kear, the owner of a TruBlue House Services franchise in San Antonio, discusses with Marc how hiring a virtual assistant has turned out for him as well as for unlocking business potentials.


Since you've had Sheena for a couple of months now as your VA (Virtual Assistant), what has that freed up? Other ideas about what's happening?


Absolutely. It even frees up things that I didn't know I can have her do because when I first started thinking through, I just had a small list. I was like, really? If she can just take care of this for me, it's gonna be super helpful.

And then after we go for a few weeks, I'm like, "Oh, you know what? I should have her do this, or I can have her do this and this". And you start to unlock the potential of her as well as to unlock the potential of your business. So, for me, There's a really big admin piece of getting all of our jobs set up that I don't have to do anymore.

She's doing all that so I can be out, do basic networking, and have to do more things to grow the business as opposed to just keeping the business going. So growing versus going is a big deal.

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