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Foreigners' Chances of Succeeding in the United States of America

Tone Gonzales, the President of Toned Homes AC & Remodeling, begins a discussion with Nate Kear, owner of a TruBlue House Services franchise in San Antonio, as well as Marc and Heather, about the possible reasons foreigners' chances of succeeding in the United States are higher and why they are more likely to become millionaires than its citizens.


Why do you think people from other countries, this is a proven fact, people from other countries have a 40% better chance of becoming millionaires in the United States than citizens in the United States. Do you know why that is?


I figured they're really hungry to seize the opportunity when it's available that they don't have in their own country.


Yeah. Marc's spoiling everything. Do you have any other ideas?


I was just thinking they don't have the fear to fit in.


Right. Okay. Any other reasons why you think that they would be successful?


They probably look at our system from a completely different perspective as well. They're coming from totally outside the culture.


Sure. All those things are right. You guys are dead on, you're too smart for these questions.

Cause what you usually get, a lot of times there's a lot of signality out there, so a lot of people think, "Oh, these people from other countries have. They work together as their community, or they have, there are programs that they can get to get money."

I remember when I was growing up, every foreigner started buying a lot of convenience stores and laundromats, right? And they would say, "How can they do that?" They get over here and they get this. A lot of people thought they pulled their money together. You just don't know. Because they seem to be successful all the time.

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