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Film Business: Entering the World of Video Creation

Alison Emmert, the owner of Indigo Film Productions, shares how their film business actually started out as a hobby for close friends and family to one that generates income.


So how long have you guys been in the film business?


Obviously in a year, but you've been doing it longer than that. So we've been doing it for about three years total. We started out filming for friends and families; little birthday parties, whatever, slapping stuff together and having fun with it. And then people started telling us like, "You could make money off of doing this. This a cool hobby, but people actually pay good money for this to be able to market themselves", and whatnot. That's where we shifted our thought process from just doing it fun to trying to get into the business realm of video—creating videos.


Yeah, so having fun and making money is cool.

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