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Experts' Perspectives on Building Trust and Delivering Quality in Business Today

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

The digital age demands businesses to excel in trust-building, quality delivery, and maintaining an active online presence. In a recent episode of Let's Talk Business, the host, Marc Ebinger, extended a welcome to the audience, setting the stage for an enlightening conversation: Earnest Glenn, the owner of Topaz Cleaning and Restoration, and Leonides Valdez, the owner of National Best Credit Solutions. They bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the conversation, promising a highlight on building trust and delivering quality in business. Though their fields may differ, the common thread that binds them in this episode is their adaptation to the irresistible pull of social media.

Building Trust Online

Online Presence and Trust

Marc began the conversation by emphasizing the importance of building trust online. He highlighted the need for maintaining an active online presence, especially on platforms like Facebook, in establishing and nurturing trust in the digital age. Marc stressed that trust is no longer limited to face-to-face interactions; it must now be cultivated through consistent online engagement. Education, in the form of valuable insights and information, emerged as a powerful tool for building trust online. This notion resonated with the audience, as many recognized the influence of online interactions in their daily lives.

Significance of Reviews and SEO

Earnest and Leonides, added their perspectives on building trust online, underscoring the significance of customer reviews and search engine optimization (SEO) for establishing trust in the digital landscape. With a 4.9 review rating on Google, Topaz Cleaning and Restoration's dedication to quality services was unmistakable. Earnest also highlighted the importance of addressing and learning from negative reviews, adding a human touch to online interactions. Both guests emphasized the need for active engagement on various social media platforms to maintain trust in a competitive business environment. The audience could relate to the power of online reviews and the importance of genuine engagement in the digital sphere.

Active Engagement on Social Media

The importance of maintaining an active presence on social media and engaging with customers through various platforms became a focal point of the discussion. Leonides and Earnest discussed the compelling power of visual content, particularly showcasing before-and-after cleaning videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This not only engages potential clients but also provides tangible proof of their capabilities, a critical element in building trust. The audience recognized the impact of engaging visual content and its ability to convey trustworthiness and competence.

Delivering Quality Services and Transition

Transition from Engineering to Business

The conversation transitioned to the quality of services offered by the guests. Earnest Glenn's journey from working on complex defense systems and space shuttle components to owning a cleaning business showcased his commitment to maintaining high-quality standards. This transition from the technical world to the service industry highlighted the enduring importance of quality. The audience was captivated by the story of this transition, understanding that expertise and dedication are transferable across diverse fields.

Commitment to Delivering Quality and Consistency

Earnest emphasized the essential role of people skills in managing employees and ensuring client satisfaction. Topaz Cleaning and Restoration's approach involves rigorous adherence to detailed written systems and processes, guaranteeing consistency and quality in their services. These guidelines are what allow them to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. The audience appreciated the significance of systems and people skills in maintaining quality services, recognizing their universal applicability in business.

Expertise in High-End Rug Cleaning

Earnest's expertise extends into the specialized domain of cleaning high-end rugs, a field that demands extensive knowledge of materials and chemistry. He shared a captivating fact, revealing that cleaning a spilled glass of wine on a delicate silk rug could potentially cost up to $5,000. This anecdote highlighted the level of skill, care, and precision required in their line of work. The audience marveled at the intricacies of high-end rug cleaning, gaining a newfound appreciation for the depth of expertise that goes into providing quality services.

Credit Repair and Financial Assistance

Achievements in Credit Repair

Leonides Valdez achieved the Millionaires Club in credit repair sales using Credit Repair Cloud, signifying a significant milestone in his career. His achievements underscored his expertise in the field of credit repair. The audience was inspired by Leo's accomplishments, recognizing the potential for success in a specialized field like credit repair.

Pricing Strategies and Financial Challenges

Leonides explained the need for adaptable pricing strategies in the credit repair business. He delved into the critical role of credit repair in addressing various financial challenges, including scenarios like home closures and divorce-related credit issues, where credit repair can be a valuable resource. The audience gained insights into the financial intricacies of credit repair and its role in alleviating common challenges.

Dispelling Credit Repair Myths and Client Education

Leonides' discussion focused on dispelling common myths and misconceptions surrounding credit repair. He also emphasized the importance of client education, offering free credit consultations, credit coaching, and credit improvement advice. This additional level of support and guidance reflected his dedication to ensuring that clients are well-informed and empowered to make sound financial decisions. The audience left with a deeper understanding of the credit repair industry and the value of education in financial matters.

Whether it's building trust online or delivering quality services, the principles discussed by Earnest Glenn and Leonides Valdez provide a solid foundation for achieving excellence and prosperity in the business world. The audience was not only informed but also inspired by the wisdom shared in this engaging conversation. Earnest's expertise in the cleaning and restoration domain accentuates the significance of distinguishing oneself and fostering trust among clientele. His insights on restoration and his resilience in surmounting challenges are wellsprings of inspiration. In a parallel vein, Leonides enriches our understanding of credit management education and the pivotal role of ethical credit repair practices. These dialogues constitute a compelling testament that trust, enlightenment, and quality stand as the enduring keys to triumph in any arena, reaffirming that these principles will forever guide us toward prosperity.

Earnest and Leonides' shared wisdom is an affirmation that, in a world where competition is fierce and innovation is constant, these core principles remain our compass, unfailingly guiding us toward success.


At Let's Talk Business, we embrace the significance of trust and quality in business

and approach them with humility as we aim to achieve excellence.




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