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Expert Answers to Tech Problems in Business

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

At the front of solving business problems with technology is Frank Robles, the CEO of Division 42. He's paving the way in creating new ideas and finding solutions for businesses to fix tech problems. This blog looks into Robles' journey in starting companies, Division 42's solutions to tech issues in business, and the lessons he's learned along in entrepreneurship that might help other business owners.

Volunteering, Boards, and Business: Orchestrating Change and Impact in Communities

The Let's Talk Business episode, hosted by Marc Ebinger and Heather Boehme, kicked off with a compelling conversation with guest Frank Robles. At the forefront of their discussion was the pivotal role of Community Involvement and Board Memberships in shaping not just business ventures but also the broader fabric of society.

Community Involvement and Nonprofit Board Memberships

Frank Robles has played a pivotal role as a member of the YMCA board, leaving a notable impact through his dedicated involvement. His commitment to various initiatives and programs within the YMCA has significantly contributed to the betterment of the community. Frank's efforts have been instrumental in fostering a stronger sense of community engagement and well-being, reflecting the essence of volunteerism and proactive participation within nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Heather's upcoming role in the San Antonio Public Library Foundation board promises to bring fresh perspectives and initiatives to enhance community access to educational resources and opportunities. Heather's impending involvement signifies a continued dedication to strengthening community ties and supporting vital educational avenues for residents. Although challenges often arise, the contributions made through dedicated involvement are invaluable. These challenges may encompass resource limitations, outreach effectiveness, and fostering sustained community interest. However, the impact generated by committed individuals like Frank and the promising contributions expected from Heather exemplify the transformative potential of community engagement and nonprofit board memberships.

Advantages of Board Memberships

Exploring the synergies between community service and business growth reveals a dynamic interplay that benefits both sectors. Board memberships not only offer networking opportunities but also serve as platforms for forging meaningful connections that transcend mere business interactions. Through active participation in board engagements, business owners gain access to diverse networks and potential collaborations that can amplify their ventures. The multifaceted nature of these connections often extends beyond conventional business dealings, fostering mutually beneficial relationships rooted in shared community interests and goals. However, amidst the rewards lie fiduciary responsibilities and challenges, especially underscored during times of adversity such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Navigating these challenges while fulfilling commitments and maintaining business growth demands resilience and adaptability. Despite these obstacles, the ultimate impact on the community surpasses the initial purpose of business-oriented connections. Engaging in board memberships creates a ripple effect, channeling positive changes that reverberate throughout the community, aligning business goals with community welfare and progress.

Frank Robles & Division 42's Solutions for Tech Problems in Business

Frank Robles: Expertise and Contributions

Frank Robles stands as an innovator in the realm of telecommunications, boasting a track record that includes groundbreaking advancements. Notably, his contributions extend to pioneering innovations like Metro Ethernet and patented methods for space communication, solidifying his status as an industry expert. Frank's journey from a student of Computer Engineering to a serial entrepreneur founding startups culminated in his current position as the CEO of Division 42. His diverse involvement in significant projects, such as Disinfect Well and Clear Funds.

Clear Funds: Revolutionizing Payment Processes

The landscape of commercial construction intricately involves various stakeholders, ranging from lenders and building owners to general contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. Clear Funds, an innovative software solution, has revolutionized this ecosystem by streamlining invoice submission and integrating lean releases and notices. One of its primary achievements is its ability to ensure transparent approval visibility for waivers. This software's pivotal role lies in accelerating payment processing, guaranteeing that all stakeholders receive payments within a significantly reduced timeframe of 30 days, a stark contrast to the prevalent delays stretching between 60-120 days. This transformative tool aims to eradicate these delays, ultimately benefiting everyone involved and obviating the need for payday lending or factoring within the construction domain.

Division 42: Tech Solutions and Expansion

Division 42 emerged as a solution-oriented entity aimed at tackling intricate technological challenges across industries. Offering consultancy and problem-solving services, the company, with its team of approximately 24 individuals, operates on a global scale, undertaking diverse projects like hospital disinfection initiatives and developing sophisticated construction software. With a promising trajectory ahead, Division 42 is poised to expand its services, focusing notably on software development and consultancy. The company's moniker, "Division 42," draws inspiration from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," symbolizing a beacon where individuals seek answers and solutions when confronted with challenges.

Business Experiences, Lessons Learned, and Advice

Frank Robles reflects on invaluable lessons learned throughout his journey, underscoring the pivotal balance between persistence and realism. Understanding when to persist and when to pivot or fail fast based on experiential insights has been instrumental in his success. He shares a pivotal "Aha!" moment, highlighting the stark contrast between mature and immature perspectives, emphasizing the importance of maturity in navigating discussions and reaching consensus. Additionally, his insights on fundraising stress the significance of broad outreach, compelling storytelling, and meticulous preparation to secure investments. Networking, as per his advice, transcends high-profile connections, emphasizing intentional engagement with individuals in the investment sphere, focusing on timely decisions and deals that align with mutual interests.





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