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Entrepreneurship: Boosting Business Exposure Through Diversification

Douglas Mitchell, the CEO of Argenta Consulting, talks about how they gained business exposure through various services as they worked on diversifying their business portfolio and seizing possibilities.


You started door-to-door space, so you bought the company. How did you get exposure from door to B2B to social media? How did that flow go?


So the campaign, what happens is when you have a company like AT&T, you realize, oh, you're good at this. Then they want you to do other products in other campaigns, right?

So the next one they wanted us to do was B2B. So now we're knocking on businesses' doors instead of residential doors, right? And the next one, they launched a security campaign, right? So they had a digital life, and so now we're sending you leads and you're going in and closing. The customers grew into other avenues because my client needed those other avenues.

I also did sales for Vivint. We did, we opened up our own solar company. We did commercial energy sales, we did residential energy. We did all different kinds of stuff. We wanted to diversify our portfolio so we could hire a lot of different types of people as well as create different opportunity structures.

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