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Entrepreneurial Mentality: Acknowledging Time as Businesses' Most Precious Commodity

Gil Herrera, a Senior Account Executive with Spectrum Business, stresses the power of acquiring an entrepreneurial mentality and, in particular, the relevance of strengthening the value of time.


I think the biggest thing is having that entrepreneurial mentality, but in a corporate world, there are limitations that I can do and they're always butt heads. So now let's say, for example, I went back into the alarm industry or whatever, and I was completely different, I was my own boss, right?

I was not tied to a company that's where. I could definitely see how that would take out a lot of the paperwork, a lot of them, and just let them do that. And so that way I could just focus on the sales side of it. And I think that's where your definition of success comes in. I think the biggest eye-opening thing, what we were talking about earlier, wasn't so much the money.

Like the money wasn't even on the table. It was, you weren't, wasn't really a discussion. It was the time, the amount of time that saved that your VAs are helping you provide a service to you. That alone is just amazing because it's like, time is our most precious commodity, but so many people don't realize that it is.


We don't value it. We waste it all.

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