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Entrepreneurial Journey: Leveraging the ITEX Market to its Full Potential

Barron Perales discusses his entrepreneurial journey to becoming the owner of TradeLink, an official bartering system for businesses, and how he leveraged the ITEX marketplace.


So I turned ITEX dollars into equity that I then cashed out that house a bunch of times on my entrepreneur journey, right? You put it up and then now you have something that you can play with some cash. So how many times have I done it? Dozens. And I'm still doing it now.


So you tell me about Tradelink.


Tradelink is a franchisee owner for ITEX in Austin and San Antonio. And we have a team, so we just call ourselves the Tradelink team, but we trade links with ITEX members as well to engage in the ITEX marketplace to trade ITEX dollars.

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