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Elevator Pitch: What Is It, and Why Should Every Business Owner Have One?

Howie Nestel, the President of Sharkmatic Advertising, explains the concept of the "Elevator Pitch," how it works, and why every business owner should have one prepared to prevent missing out on prospects and business opportunities.


I know people have heard elevator speech, elevator pitch. The idea behind that is you get into an elevator and then is your ideal prospect if you could pick the best kind of client you could ever have, and they walked into the elevator and they push the fifth floor and you're going to the eighth floor.

You have now from the ground floor to the fifth floor to pitch 'em on what you do and what your company does. So you might have whatever it is, 20, 30, 40 seconds. So every business owner, every entrepreneur should have an elevator pitch prepared for those kinds of opportunities.

"After marketing, and we do social media, but we also hire administrative assistants and marketing assistants, and we do it overseas, and right now we get a lot of people from the Philippines, but we are, we're looking at other marketing", and it's like, man, you kind of lost somebody. And you're trying to get all the points across, right?

So to put together an effective elevator pitch, in my opinion, after 35 years in marketing, you want to set up a problem that every prospect you talk to can identify with and agree with.

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