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Developing Systems and Processes: How Discipline and Creativity Impact Productivity

Emad Guirguis, the owner of Simpli Bookkeeping, discusses how he and his team regulate the systems and processes that form the foundation of their operations.


How do you deal with systems and processes?


How we've developed it is we've got a certain level of discipline for our team, but we always encourage the ability to be creative and bring your own ideas to the table. So we always meet weekly, every Monday. On Monday morning, motivate the team, see how everything's going, see how everything's kept up with.

It's good to have that specific foundation but to also enable everyone to have an idea and a thought process. That way it keeps them motivated and makes them feel like they're part of something and that they're actually making a difference.


Now, to Tone's point though, and he's probably thinking the same thing. I'm thinking when you talk about making a system and process, is everything written down so that if somebody came in to do the job of one of your employees, you could easily replace them?


Bingo. Yes.

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