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Creative Financing Tools Real Estate Investors Should Know

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Keaton Frieberg, a lawyer and a partner at Texas Suits, shares his knowledge of the creative financing tools that can be a great help to real estate investors.


If we're talking about real estate investing, one of the things that I always find interesting is people always say, “Oh yeah, I got into it a couple of years ago. It sounds like the hardest part is that first transaction”. Tell me a little bit more about that.


Definitely, yeah. I think for a lot of people, from what I see, it's really capital. So, coming in with capital and then just navigating the first transaction is really huge. You walk a lot of people through their first transaction and I think, for a lot of people, it's a big mystery. And so, the first one, I think, once you get out o the way you understand the process, and a little bit of what you need and what goes into it. I think from there it starts to compound itself.


Okay, so speaking of capital, what are some creative financing tools that you would suggest people look into if they're just starting out in re

al estate investing?


There are many for investors to choose from, but some that are more common right now are Subject-To Transaction Wraparounds, which are the subject to the inside of a wraparound transaction or maybe seller financing, then all of those are creative financing tools that don't necessarily always include or require a ton of capital down.

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