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Creating Luck Out of Hustle in Business

Skylar Moon, the owner of DZIR Nightclub in San Antonio, recounts how he began his career in sales and how he has successfully created luck out of hustle in business.


How did you get involved in sales? Where did this all start?


So, when I was younger, I actually moved outta my house around 15 years old. So anyways, did that and you gotta hustle at some point. You gotta be able to pay your own bills and so I had made up my mind, that's what I was gonna do. And so finished out high school, didn't go to college, started mowing lawns and just doing odds and end jobs, trying to make ends meet. Ended up running over my cell phone with the lawnmower, and then that's how I got into the cell phone business. And so met a guy who had his own shop and he sold me a phone. And then I just got real interested in that business and saying, man, I mean, if you can make 15, 20 bucks, cause I was just buying phones off eBay and going to sell 'em to him. So I'd buy a phone for 90 bucks, sell for 120 bucks or 130 bucks or whatever, and I'm like, "Shoot. If I could figure out how to do this more often, I wouldn't have to be outside burning up, mowing lawns, making 20, 30 bucks", right? It's the same profit margin, but way less effort, a lot more scalable.


Oh, good point.


Right?So I'm thinking, "Man, I gotta figure this thing out". So I started working on that, figured that out. Ended up opening up my first store right outta high school off of walls of Montgomery Road, right where the HEBs at, over there and got really lucky on.

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