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Crükus Virtual Staffing: Marc Ebinger's Best Practices in Managing a Remote Team

Jenevy Sims, the owner of The Evolve Firm, and Keaton Frieberg, a partner and lawyer at Texas Suits, are taking the lead on Let's Talk Business, swapping roles with Marc Ebinger, who's sharing his entrepreneurial story as a guest this time. In this blog, we're zooming in on Crükus Virtual Staffing: what is it like to create and manage a remote team, aka virtual assistants? Why is it advisable for business owners to leverage their expertise on various tasks? And how does Marc stay hands-on inside the company while still being big on networking? Read on for an easy-to-follow scoop on Crükus Virtual Staffing and know why you need them for your business!

Business Overview and Approach

About Crükus Virtual Staffing and Marc Ebinger

Marc Ebinger serves as the CEO of Crükus Virtual Staffing, a company specializing in hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. Crükus originated from Marc's need for cost-effective and skilled support. After realizing the advantages of having virtual assistants in his own business, Marc passionately introduced this leverage to fellow business owners, giving rise to Crükus Virtual Staffing.

Services Provided by Crükus Virtual Staffing

Crükus Virtual Staffing provides a diverse array of virtual assistant services, including show outreach, graphic design, and social media. The hallmark of their service lies in customized recruitment tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Hiring Strategy at Crükus

At Crükus, the hiring strategy is a meticulous performance. Emphasizing a profound understanding of clients' goals and culture, the process includes skill testing with a focus on cultural fit and language proficiency, all aimed at ensuring a high return on investment and efficiency in hiring processes.

Mindset and Coaching

Marc Ebinger recognizes the nuances between entrepreneurial and employee mindsets, bringing forth the importance of providing structure, guidance, and ongoing training for employees. Regular check-ins and outs and training sessions create a harmonious alignment, ensuring the success of the virtual assistants.

Networking and Team Collaboration

Marc's virtuosity extends to networking and understanding clients' needs, creating a collaborative environment within the virtual assistant community. The synergy of team collaboration and leveraging group knowledge becomes instrumental in solving challenges.

Communication and Feedback

Within the walls of Crükus, open communication channels are the backbone, allowing virtual assistants to seek help and fostering a culture of teamwork. Mediation is the script for addressing challenges and managing client expectations, ensuring a harmonious and productive virtual work environment.

Key Success Factors and Values

Key Success Factors in a Remote Team of Virtual Assistants

Crükus Virtual Staffing's key success factors revolve around a team-oriented approach. This ensures a strong connection and support system, effectively balancing client expectations with the reality of virtual assistance capabilities.

Communication is Key in Hiring Virtual Assistants

In the hiring process at Crükus, language proficiency takes precedence as the initial criterion for applicants. It serves to facilitate seamless collaboration, minimizing the likelihood of errors and eliminating the need for extensive back-and-forths.

Global Workforce Benefits

Marc discusses the benefits of tapping into a global workforce, addressing concerns about wages by ensuring competitiveness in the VA's local economy. This strategy positions the virtual assistants as valuable contributors within their local context.

Significance of Skill Testing

Marc underscores the significance of skill testing in the hiring process, moving beyond reliance on resumes. The battery of over 400 tests becomes a testament to their commitment to verifying the capabilities of their virtual assistants.

Cultural Fit in Hiring

Cultural fit is a cornerstone in Crükus' hiring philosophy, learned from past experiences that emphasized the importance of cultural compatibility alongside technical skills.

Leveraging Time Zones

When it comes to leveraging time zones, Marc explains how virtual assistants effectively manage tasks with precision and timeliness. With virtual assistants stationed in different time zones, they can seamlessly tackle assignments while the business owner rests, ensuring round-the-clock productivity. This strategic approach not only offloads routine tasks from the business owner's plate but also empowers them to focus on high-priority matters, such as strategic planning, client meetings, and business development initiatives.

Building a Team for Long-Term Success

Marc Ebinger encourages entrepreneurs to build a team that comprehends the business, ultimately reducing dependency on the owner over time and fostering a self-sustaining system. He encourages a commitment to the growth of the virtual assistant position, assuring success when clients are dedicated to expanding roles and responsibilities over time.

Misconceptions on Pay

Addressing misconceptions about paying lower wages to virtual assistants, Marc explains the importance of considering the local economy and ensuring a competitive and fair salary for their skilled workforce.

Challenges in Filling Up Workdays

Marc acknowledges the challenge of initially filling up a virtual assistant's workday, emphasizing the proactive role of the business owner in creating tasks and processes to address this hurdle.

Operational Strategies

Documentation and Delegation

Marc shares the transformative journey from struggling to fill tasks to successful delegation through systematic documentation, including videos and step-by-step procedures.

Mindset and Business Growth

Restructuring of mindset for business owners to leverage resources and scale is a must. Outsourcing services, like lead generation and sales, emerge as strategic tools to save time and facilitate growth.

Learning and Efficiency Strategies

Marc recommends breaking down business steps and procedures to enhance efficiency. The investment of time in developing procedures and videos is highlighted for its significant contribution to time savings.

Delegating and Authority in Business Growth

Delegating tasks and authority is deemed essential for business growth, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on high-value tasks critical to the success of their ventures.

Scaling and Leveraging Resources in Business Operations

Marc stresses the importance of scaling and leveraging resources, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life. This involves handing over administrative tasks, including calendar management, to enhance productivity. Learning to trust others with responsibilities and embracing scalability become integral components of this progress.

Common Outsourced Tasks Efficiency

Marc sheds light on the efficiency gained by outsourcing common administrative tasks, especially appointment scheduling. Streamlining calendar management emerges as a powerful strategy to reduce mental and time-consuming burdens.

Redundancy and Continuity Strategies

Addressing redundancy in operations through multiple team members ensures business continuity for Crükus. Scalability and outsourcing contribute significantly to managing redundancy effectively, safeguarding the continuity of their operations.





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