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How Timmy Tickets Turned a Passion for Sports into a Thriving Career with the Spurs

Timothy O'Grady, also known as Timmy Tickets, is a Senior Account Executive at Spurs Sports Entertainment. In this video, he shares his incredible journey from California to the San Antonio Spurs and how he applied creativity to his ticket sales role.

Find out how Timmy's unique approach and determination have not only transformed his career but also left a lasting impact on business owners.

The Unexpected Journey to the Spurs

Forced Out of California

Timmy's move from California to Texas shows how taking bold steps can lead to fulfilling dreams. Leaving California, which is known for its high cost of living, may have been a practical choice for Timmy to achieve a more stable living situation. Timmy had a passion for sports and had always dreamed of working for a professional sports team, and it was in this new chapter at Texas that his career journey with the Spurs began.

The Interview in Austin

Timmy applied and advanced to an interview for a position in Austin, Texas, but fate had alternate intentions. Just as he was about to start his first day at the new job, Spurs Sports and Entertainment unexpectedly reached out, offering an unexpected employment offer.

The Decision to Join and Start a Career with Spurs

Timmy had a tough choice of joining and starting a career with the Spurs, but his girlfriend helped him decide. Timmy reflects on how working for the Spurs required less upfront money and was the best decision he made in his career. He mentions his 20 years of sales and marketing experience and how he never felt a fit like this before.

The Art of Making Connections

Networking with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Timmy's success in ticket sales comes from his ability to make connections and create memorable experiences. At the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce event, he met Kip Stelling, who was heavily involved in the chamber. Timmy started getting involved in selling Spurs tickets and found people were drawn to him and wanted to join in.

Bringing Prospects to Spurs Games

Timmy started bringing prospects to Spurs games to show them what they had to offer. He realized that people enjoyed the experience of attending a live game and being part of the excitement. Timmy used this insight to his advantage and started inviting business owners and other potential clients to games. This approach allowed him to build relationships and create a unique experience for his prospects.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Utilizing Access for Customers and Clients

Timmy had the idea to use his access for his customers and clients, which became his angle. He started meeting business owners and realized that people were more interested in the experience of attending a game than the actual game itself.

The Power of Gift Cards

Timmy suggests that instead of spending money on expensive dinners, businesses should consider buying Gift Cards for their customers. The Gift Cards can be used to purchase tickets to games, merchandise, or even concessions at the arena. By doing so, businesses can go beyond the ordinary and create a lasting impression on their customers, all while keeping their budget intact.

Taking Prospects to Sports Games

Timmy also proposes taking prospects to sports games as a way to make a good impression and potentially generate business. He believes that providing unique experiences can be more memorable and impactful than traditional sales and marketing tactics. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships and creating positive experiences for customers and prospects.

The Excitement Surrounding the Spurs

The Acquisition of a Talented Player

The San Antonio Spurs basketball team has acquired a highly talented player this year, leading to an increase in ticket sales and a change in Timmy's job responsibilities. Yet, not everyone grasps the impact, and some are hesitant about becoming season ticket members this year. Timmy emphasizes that the team's success is not a one-time occurrence and encourages people to support the team.

The Option to Continue an Exciting Experience

Timmy talks about the option to continue an exciting experience every year, which may result in less inventory and a first come, first serve system for re-upping. He is fascinated by the different layers that can be added to enhance the experience, especially for business owners. He mentions Premium Seating and VIP entrances as examples. The type of experience one has can make a big impact and difference, depending on the entrance they use.

VIP Premium Seating

The Frost Club Level

Frost Club Level, is the VIP premium seating at a venue, which is less crowded with shorter vendor lines, Timms mentions. And, the seating area called the Super Box, is popular among customers where Timmy expresses appreciation for being able to meet and connect with different customers. The availability of catered food, house beer, and house wine unquestionably elevates the whole experience!

The Silver Experience

Timmy explains the experience at a tunnel where people can interact with players before a game. No wonder why it's called, "The Silver Experience"! It has limited availability, giving the prospect or prospect's guest the opportunity to hold items and high-five players.

Timmy's journey from California to the Spurs is a testament to his resilience and creativity. His unique approach to ticket sales and his ability to make connections and create memorable experiences have transformed his career and made a lasting impact on business owners. Timmy's story is an inspiration to embrace change and seize opportunities for success. It reminds us that the path to achieving dreams can take unexpected twists and turns, and a mix of passion, determination, and wise decision-making.


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