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Community Support: A Way to Pass on Kindness

Wayne Keller, the Executive Director of Caiden's Hope Foundation, talks about the support the organization receives from the community, fundraising efforts, and the proceeds that they get to fulfill their humanitarian purpose.


We've helped some families in other countries that have had to come to the United States, and it's just become a real blessing to us. It's a lot of fun giving away money to people that need it, but we need help. We need help getting that money and so, we have fundraisers from time to time and various ways that we've found to raise some money.

We've had some corporations that really step up. One of them is Enterprise Car Rental. If you need to rent a car, please use Enterprise. They're a great company and every year they started out with a $1,500 donation. Now, every year, their donations are more like 7,500.


That's a big jump.


So, it's a big jump. It took a few years, for them to do that. But nonetheless. And then there've been some companies that have made donations for one time only through a specific program that they have or things.

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