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Business Owners' Guide: Focus Points on Achieving Quality Customer Service Experience

Updated: Jan 6

Establishing the benchmark for customer service excellence involves embracing accessible communication, prioritizing personalized experiences, and recognizing employees as key drivers of customer satisfaction. This blog extends the insights from the Let's Talk Business podcast into written content, from an episode hosted by Marc Ebinger and Howie Nestel, featuring guests Valerie Morillo, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and owner of San Antonio Ashiatsu Massage, along with Wayne Elsberry, a tech support expert and the owner of Wayne’s Tech World. As seasoned business owners, they share strategies and perspectives on delivering exceptional customer service. Dive into the discussion to gain insights into customer service within the realms of massage therapy and tech solutions businesses!

What Sets Apart Exceptional Customer Service?

Employee Communication and Accessibility

Effective communication and accessibility are pivotal for businesses striving for exemplary customer service. Sharkmatic Advertising adopts a 24/7 rotating shift strategy, ensuring that clients always have a point of contact. The staff's mobile numbers are shared, promoting constant availability. Additionally, team-building initiatives, like the weekly Game Night, not only extend office hours but also foster camaraderie among employees. Similarly, Ashiatsu Massage prioritizes one-on-one experiences with clients and maintains open communication channels. Clients have direct access to Valerie's cell number and email, facilitating continuous feedback. Wayne's Tech World emphasizes direct customer contact, providing Wayne's cell number for appointments and immediate issue resolution. Despite perceptions of providing excessive free services, Wayne values customer care. Overall, these businesses highlight the importance of accessible communication, whether through varied work shifts, personal contacts, or team-building activities.

Customer-Centric Approach

A customer-centric philosophy is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service, transcending industry boundaries. The discussions underscore the importance of treating employees right to ensure they, in turn, treat customers right. Sharkmatic Advertising's Howie emphasizes the positive cascade effect of good treatment within the organization. This philosophy extends to Wayne's Tech World, where Wayne believes in providing value to customers first, even if it means offering additional services for free. Ashiatsu Massage's Valerie places a premium on personalized customer experiences, fostering a culture of listening and continuous improvement. Crukus Virtual Staffing, led by Marc, prioritizes extended HR coverage and an efficient hiring process, acknowledging the crucial role of satisfied employees in providing quality service. In essence, these businesses advocate aligning the treatment of employees, staff, and vendors with the level of service expected from customers.

Valerie Morillo Entrepreneurial Journey to Massage Therapy with Ashiatsu Massage

What is Ashiatsu Massage and Its Benefits?

Valerie Morillo, a licensed massage therapist and owner of San Antonio Ashiatsu Massage, specializes in Ashiatsu, a massage technique that utilizes foot pressure. During an Ashiatsu session, the therapist employs gravity by leaning in with their body weight to apply and sustain pressure. Addressing potential concerns about using feet for massages, Valerie emphasizes the importance of therapists maintaining well-groomed feet, ensuring they are soft, clean, filed, and with trimmed nails. This distinctive method not only distinguishes Ashiatsu from traditional massages but also incorporates myofascial release and trigger point therapy. This approach assures clients of experiencing deeper and longer-lasting relief compared to conventional massage techniques.

Marketing Strategies: Utilizing Social Media & Customer Reviews

Valerie Morillo employs a strategic blend of social media and referral-based marketing to promote San Antonio Ashiatsu Massage. Leveraging platforms like Instagram and Google, Valerie showcases her expertise and engages with potential clients. Notably, referrals play a crucial role in driving business growth, underlining the significance of positive client experiences. Additionally, the use of Squarespace for customer reviews emphasizes Valerie's commitment to building trust and credibility through transparent feedback mechanisms.

Scaling Challenges and Strategies

In navigating the journey of business growth, Valerie encounters scaling challenges common to startups. Howie's cautionary note highlights the prevalent use of free tools, particularly in website development, shedding light on potential limitations in scalability. Addressing these challenges, potential scaling methods are explored. From teaching the Ashiatsu technique to other therapists to hiring additional practitioners and even becoming a subject matter expert through online content, the strategies aim to propel San Antonio Ashiatsu Massage into a scalable and sustainable enterprise.

Tech Support Made Simple with Wayne's Tech World

Entrepreneurial Journey into Tech Support

Wayne Elsberry, the visionary owner of Wayne's Tech World, shares an intriguing entrepreneurial journey that took an unexpected turn from real estate to tech support. Faced with the challenges of a softened real estate market, Wayne founded Wayne's Tech World, marking the inception of his foray into the dynamic world of technology.

Wayne's Tech Expertise

Wayne's profound tech knowledge is rooted in his early curiosity and hands-on experiences, notably starting with the iconic Commodore 64. His tech support services at Wayne's Tech World encompass crucial areas such as data recovery, system upgrades, and the meticulous rebuilding of systems for optimal performance.

Business Growth Strategies

At the heart of Wayne's Tech World's success lies a customer-centric approach, relying predominantly on word-of-mouth referrals for business growth. Wayne places a premium on customer care, recognizing it as a catalyst for positive referrals. Looking forward, he plans to elevate his online presence by enhancing his website with professional expertise.

Tech Advice and Warnings

In addition to his entrepreneurial insights, Wayne imparts valuable advice and warnings in the ever-evolving tech landscape. He issues a cautionary note against tech scams, specifically advising against granting remote access to unknown entities. Wayne also shares practical advice on refurbishing older computers, emphasizing considerations like processor, RAM, and hard drive for optimal performance.





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