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Business Coaching, Consulting, and Entrepreneurial Realities

In business, where advice often echoes in the corridors of profit and strategy, there exists a rare breed of mentors – those who genuinely care about your journey as an entrepreneur. Beyond the metrics and boardroom discussions, their support extends to your personal fulfillment. Join Marc Ebinger, Heather Boehme, and Kyan Frith in a thought-provoking round table discussion as they delve into the realms of business coaching and consulting. This blog captures the essence of their insights, bringing a fresh angle to understanding the ins and outs, highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Kyan's View on Coaching

Kyan articulates his viewpoint on coaching, expressing a preference for serving as a CFO consultant rather than a coach, citing market saturation issues in San Antonio. He highlights the negative perceptions associated with being labeled a coach and underscores the importance of possessing real business experience in his role.

Concerns about Certification in Business Coaching

Addressing the concerns surrounding the certification landscape in business coaching, Heather delves into the lack of regulation and requirements. She emphasizes the need to differentiate coaching from consulting, mentoring, and training while underscoring the critical importance of delivering tangible results in the coaching industry.

Trust Gap and Results in Coaching and Consulting

During the discussion, Marc acknowledges the existing trust gap and the reliance on numerical data in the consulting realm. Heather adds insights by pointing out the unique dynamics in consulting where implementation is facilitated by the consultant, contrasting it with coaching, where the business owner plays a pivotal role in deciding whether to implement the coaching recommendations.

Collaboration Potential

Marc opens up about the potential collaboration between Heather, representing the coaching domain, and Kyan, representing consulting. The goal is to harmonize their different perspectives and experiences to create a synergistic collaboration that can lead to more effective and comprehensive outcomes in the realm of business development and support.

Crükus Virtual Staffing's Inner Workings

Marc's entrepreneurial journey evolved from a focus on social media marketing to seizing untapped potential in virtual staffing. This strategic shift, fueled by awareness of revenue opportunities, demonstrates a proactive response to market demands for sustaining and growing the business. Heather's proposal to rebrand the business for its virtual staffing focus faced initial resistance but eventually led to a transformative shift, reflecting a commitment to the evolving business landscape.

Financial Wisdom and Advocacy

Kyan's call for financial clarity in business planning reflects a commitment to fiscal responsibility. Expressing frustration over the prevalent neglect of financial planning in businesses, he advocates for a forward-looking approach that extends beyond tax-related activities. By encouraging businesses to establish clear metrics and growth goals, Kyan promotes a proactive stance in addressing financial challenges head-on rather than adopting a reactive or avoidance-based strategy.

Balancing Passion and Profit

Marc's candid discussion on the shift from podcasting to prioritizing virtual staffing highlights the perpetual struggle entrepreneurs face in balancing passion projects with the financial needs of their businesses. Navigating this delicate equilibrium requires a strategic approach to ensure sustained revenue without compromising the essence of one's passion projects. The insights shared reflect the challenges and considerations involved in managing diverse aspects of an entrepreneurial venture.

A Proactive Approach to Entrepreneurship

Heather's insightful perspective urges entrepreneurs to confront uncomfortable truths about their businesses. She highlights the challenging decision-making process between opting for a fire sale or selling at a premium based on well-managed numbers. By stressing the inevitability of facing and addressing business challenges head-on, Heather advices a proactive approach to entrepreneurship.

The Common Issue Among Entrepreneurs

Marc's observations shed light on a common issue among entrepreneurs — diving into business without a clear understanding of its structure. Heather, acknowledging the low likelihood of success in entrepreneurship, places importance on maintaining unrealistic optimism. Moreover, she addresses the stigma associated with financial struggles, fostering a dialogue around the challenges entrepreneurs face and the need for resilience in the face of adversity.

Empowering Financial Literacy

Kyan's personal story underscores the pervasive lack of financial knowledge, even among seasoned directors in a finance-heavy jurisdiction. His advocacy for ongoing education in finances, including the introduction of a virtual MBA program and finance training for small business owners, aims to bridge this knowledge gap. This emphasizes the transformative potential of financial literacy in fostering a more informed and empowered business community.

Guidance from Coaches and Mentors

Heather's emphasis on admitting ignorance in both statistics and business highlights the humility necessary for growth. She points out that repetitive coaching conversations without tangible progress may signal underlying issues. Recognizing the importance of guidance from coaches and mentors, Heather encourages entrepreneurs to seek constructive feedback, learn from experienced mentors, and be open to evolving strategies for continuous improvement.

Global Networking Vision

Marc passionately envision the Let's Talk Business Podcast community transcending local boundaries and evolving into a global hub for business networking. Contemplating the potential of hosting conferences that attract participants from various states, their vision extends beyond conventional podcasting. Instead, it aspires to create a vibrant community fostering a sense of belonging and collective growth, turning the podcast into a catalyst for global business connections.

Podcast Evolution Journey

Reflecting on the journey of the podcast, the hosts acknowledge its evolution from a locally focused platform to a more inclusive and expansive one. With a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, they tease upcoming podcast guests, emphasizing the communal and educational dimensions that will define the show's future. This signifies not only a shift in content but also a broader mission to connect with a diverse audience on a deeper level.

Networking Movement Momentum

Marc, Heather, and Kyan infuse their description of the podcast and associated events with an infectious enthusiasm, likening it to a burgeoning networking movement gaining unstoppable momentum. Drawing parallels to a groundswell or a colossal wave, their excitement suggests a belief in the transformative power of their efforts. This movement transcends the confines of traditional networking, presenting the potential for substantial growth and impact in the business community.

Excitement and Forward Planning

With palpable excitement, Marc encourages hosts to contribute ideas for the future of the podcast and network community. Expressing enthusiasm about the potential that lies ahead, they foster a collaborative spirit in shaping the direction of upcoming events and podcast episodes. This forward-thinking approach not only embraces change but actively seeks to improve and expand, ensuring the continued success and relevance of their community-building initiatives.




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